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3 Things an Etsy Shopper Should Look at Before They Buy – Etsy Blog Series

Tips for buying on Etsy from an Etsy shop owner.

Etsy Online ShoppingSupporting small businesses is very important to keeping main street America alive and growing.  You are helping someone pay their mortgage, buy food for their family and helping keep someone’s dream alive.  The best thing you can do when you are looking for gifts or crafts and supplies is to find a local vendor.  This translates to Etsy as well. Look for items that are made in the U.S. instead of outside of the country.  Most Etsy stores are run by individuals trying to add to their income or a creative outlet from their normal 9 to 5.

Check the vendors feedback.  Do not be afraid of zero feedback, everyone has to start somewhere, but be afraid of venders with negative feedback.  Feedback is how people grow their business.  Feedback shows positive or negative interaction with a customer.  It’s important to review the feedback and make sure you are buying from a reputable seller.  I’m not saying all negative feedback is bad, you need to review it, but multiple negative reviews shows a questionable seller and it’s wise to look elsewhere.   It is also important to leave feedback, if and when you purchase anything.  Sellers rely on this interaction and reviews to attract more customers.

Price shop.  Just because it’s the cheapest doesn’t mean it’s the best.  Everyone is out to save some money and get the most for that money but in that effort our country has been overrun by big box, mass produced items.  I’ve found as time goes by, the most treasured items I have are the unique items that I have found along the way or antiques passed down through the family.  Especially when budgets get tight, its important that you are spending what extra funds you have on something special that not everyone has.  

Etsy is a great tool, it creates a store front with minimal cost to the seller.  Sellers can try and sell an idea with minimal advertising and web knowledge.  It only takes the ability to take a picture, upload that picture and create a listing.  Nowhere else do you have that ease of use to be able to sell an item.  It is more difficult and more costly to get a listing on eBay these days than it is Etsy.  


new logoJennifer Rathbun
Jennifer has been designing and creating her own jewelry for the last five years and has recently started to branch out into housewares items.  You can find her items at, The Perfect Piece in downtown Cary, NC (212 East Chatham Street) and on Etsy

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