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I would like to start off by saying again, how honored I am that Cary asked me to lead the Direct Sales group with Vend Raleigh, and I hope to serve you all well.  We had a great meeting this week at The Wake Zone in Apex.  It was good to meet a few more ladies from the group and to see a few familiar faces as well!  I enjoyed the time we spent getting to know one another and learning about each other, and our businesses.  

Not only did we have some laid-back social time, we had a few minutes of training as well.  If you are in Direct Sales, your calendar is hopefully where you want it to be for November, and maybe even December.  This is the busiest selling season of the year, and the “Marathon” we train for all year.  So how do we make sure we start a momentum and keep it up?  Here are a few tips to “Have a Jammin’ January”  

Where do the January bookings come from?

  • November Parties: November is a great time to party, so make the most of those opportunities! 
  • Coach your hostesses to have at least 10-15 guests in attendance.    Offer Hostesses that get three bookings something “extra” at their Third Party.  
  • Take advantage of the Host Benefits that your company offers in January and Talk them up!
  • Vendor Events:  This is the BEST time of year for Vendor Events.  I NEVER go to an event with a “Selling” Mindset.  I want bookings, and I want new team members.       
  • Offer a “Register for FREE gift”  so you can get the contact info from shoppers
  • Offer a Prize for booking a party.  KNOW your OPEN DATES!!     
  • Balloon Game,  Booking Tree, Deal or NO Deal are some fun games to play
  • Previous Hostesses:  Here it is…Guess what I’m about to say??   GET ON THE PHONE!!   CALL you previous hostesses, and customers that you connected with at your parties and ASK them to host!  If you don’t ASK what do you think the answer will be??

So now you may be asking: “How do I get December Sales?”

  • KNOW when your Christmas Cutoff is. Several Direct Sales companies have a “Cutoff” date for guaranteed Christmas Delivery.  If yours is early in the month, here are a few ways to still get orders throughout the month
  • Turkey Trot- a “Game” or a “Challenge” for some of you best hosts and customers to get some orders, and be guaranteed to win a prize without the commitment of a party.  The orders are taken over their Thanksgiving Holiday, and turned in the first week of December.  All orders are combined to make one big party and the Host benefits are divided among the participants!  YOU decide how many people you need, and how much each person needs in orders!  
  • Santa Might be late Cards- Order some cute postcards from Vista Print that say “This year Santa might be a little late, But I promise it will be worth the wait”  Then on the back of the card put “I recently attended a (XYZ Party) and when I saw this I thought of you!”  Then the customer can cut out a picture of the item and put it on the card and have it in case the item doesn’t get there by Christmas!  
  • Do not LOOSE your consistency!  

How do I make sure my Jan Parties Stick?

  • Send them a thank you note the day after they book.
  • Take control of your guest list
  • Use Company provided Invites
  • Red Stamp
  • EVites
  • Make your own

**Stamps.com is a great too for doing your own mailings!  Here is a free trial promo code if you would like to try it!  C-9YGN-GBK

  • Hostess Coach!!!!

Touch them at LEAST 3 times before their party! 

Always make sure to re-book them for the Spring!!  

Nicole Galiger shared a great idea for our busy hostesses.  Invite all of your local hostess to either bring or send their friends to you (or your website) on a specific day from 9-5 (or whatever hours you choose).  You will have your products set up and can provide them with an individual shopping experience, and they can get the host rewards!  She also shared that when her friend in the business does this she has at least 10 hosts that participate…  That’s 10 PARTIES in ONE DAY!  Love it! 

Kris Carlson also had a great idea for a booking blitz!  At her most recent team meeting she challenged all of her girls to book as many parties as they could in 20 min!  There was a bell at the front of the room and cellophane bags of money hanging above the bell.  When they booked a party, they could ring the bell and grab a bag!!  40 people booked 97 parties in 20 minutes!!  GENIUS!

Heather Seemuth had a neat idea for getting sales in December too.  She said she offers a product discounted down to the number of the day.. Dec 1st something for $1, Dec 2nd something for $2 etc.  Great idea! 

If you have any ideas you would like to share, we would LOVE to hear them in our  Vend Raleigh Direct Sales Facebook group.

“ Your future is created by what you do TODAY, not tomorrow.” 

Go be Fabulous! 


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Susan is a Rockstar mom of three, Senior Creative Leader with Initials, Inc, and she loves helping women see their full potential.
Susan leads the Vend Raleigh Direct Sales group.


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