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3 Tips to Apply to Your Instagram Profile ASAP

Tips for Instagram for Business- Three things your Instagram profile might be missing

Instagram for businessI recently took a job to boost a friend’s (awesome) new business on IG and Twitter. Shannon Kyle’s new venture, Southern Girls Getaway, is all about designing vacations for girls trips. I mean… what a cool approach to travel?! She’s found a great niche. She books 5k and 10k weekends, beach trips, city trips, you name it!

Let me give you the first three things I did when I started driving her IG account. Update your small business Instagram account with these tips ASAP!


1. Your IG Name and your Username can (and maybe should be) different

The business name Southern Girls Getaway is too long for a username, so it’s been shortened to ‘southerngetaways’, but the name on the account is the full business name ‘Southern Girls Getaways’. Use this option so your followers will know exactly who you are!


Additional tip- It is ideal for all your shortened social media account usernames to match. For instance, On Twitter and IG, Stay at Home Rock Star’s name is too long for both, so both handles are athomerockstar.


Instagram for small business


2. Give a clear (but brief) business description.

What and who are you? Does location matter? Is it clear that you coach, photograph, create, make, or sell xyz? Include a call to action here if appropriate, such as “subscribe” or “visit our site”.


Additional tip- While you are there, add some keywords! I used some fun and trending keywords to southerngetaways such as 5K and SUP. What will people be searching to be able to come across your IG account?


3.  Avoid dead ends- Add your website link

This is a simple one to overlook believe it or not. I often click on profiles to find out more about them and with a missing link, there’s no opportunity to visit their website (or other social media platforms).


Additional tip- When you are building your Twitter following or say, your email list, change up that link and let your followers know. “Follow me on Twitter! Link in profile.” Two clicks and they are there!


Would you like to meet with me and take a good look at your IF, Twitter and Facebook accounts? Let me know by filling out this form here! I’d love to sit down and work on your social media with you!

What are your Instagram tips for small business owners, Vend Raleigh?

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