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Build Your List Workshop Notes

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Last week Vend Raleigh hosted a very information meeting with Semonna McNeil of Run Leap Launch on building your email lists. Small business owners, email lists are your most valuable marketing tool! Here are her notes.


What is list building?

The process of adding new subscribers to your email list .
­An introduction to your company, message and sales funnel.
­A marketing strategy that leverages email marketing (and sometimes your website) to attract prospective
­It’s NOT ​just email marketing .


Why should you build an email list?

Here are some of the benefits:

1. Establish and build long term relationships. Most people do NOT buy right away.
2. Build your client base.
3. Inexpensive means of reaching your audience. Research has proven that when you build and
communicate with your list, it yields a greater ROI than social media marketing. Think pull marketing.
4. Lists are profitable . Announce or launch a new product or service. Residual income. For coaches, you
can use your email list to create leverage, allowing you to take advantage of joint venture opportunities. For
bloggers, you can use your list as another income stream and sell ad space to prospective advertisers.
5. Reduces the need to look for new traffic/leads/clients .
6. Surefire way to guarantee return traffic.
7. Sales. (less time. More Money) .


Mistakes to Avoid

­The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make when it comes to marketing is not growing their list from the
beginning .
­The biggest mistake most people make with their list build is NOT adding a sign­up/optin box to their site.
­The second biggest: Adding an opt­in and forgetting about it.


Results of NOT list building

1. stagnant or fewer sales
2. stagnant list
3. less one­on­ ones
4. Less money.
5. Feast or famine cycle.


The job of your list building is to help people recognize, remember and refer to you.

Anatomy of a simple list building strategy
1. Facebook (guest posts/website/seo) (means of getting traffic)
2. landing page (means of capturing names)
3. email service provider (means of storing the names and managing ongoing communication that adheres
to CAN­SPAM and CASL regulations).

Anatomy of an advanced list building strategy
1.Wordpress website
2. lead magnet, free offer or no obligation invitation
3. optin form or landing page
4. email service provider (means of storing the names and managing ongoing communication that adheres
to CAN­SPAM and CASL regulations).
5. Autoresponder sequence


Free list building tools

● Mailchimp, WordPress, Your ESPs plugin (Mailchimp or Awebers opt­in form)
● Wisestamp, Hootsuite
● Facebook,
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