Raleigh Photography Tips

5 Quick Photography Tips for Busy Raleigh Moms

5 Quick Raleigh Photography Tips for Busy Moms | Raleigh Professional Photographer’s Tips for Moms

Raleigh Photography Tips

1. Don’t say Cheese hoping for a smile, every person has a different personality along with that unique expressions. Instead of trying to “force” a smile, tell them Have fun. That way they can be themselves. Even if they don’t smile that’s ok. It’s their personality.

2. Take photos when they are not looking, stealth like. That’s the best way to get the most genuine photo and expression of joy, laughter, wonder, or interacting. A true reflection of their personality.
3. Cool phone editing apps: VSCO is a great one and has the option of uploading instantly to your choice of social media. 
4. Print and frame your photos. So many awesome photos sit on your phone or computer, they should be displayed to bring you and others in the room a smile and strike conversation.
5. Don’t shy away from being in the photo. You do your family a disservice when you refuse to get your picture taken, it might be the only lasting memory for generations to come. Don’t wait until you look “good”, lose weight or put makeup on to be part of that moment. You can’t get it back.
Remember, years down the road when you look back on your photos you want to say, “That’s so _________” “They always have that look” “It’s so them” Your photos should be a reminder of what you love about that person. Who God created them to be. Always have your camera or phone on you. You never know what priceless moment is around the corner.
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