60 Creative Ways To Periscope

How To PeriscopeJust when I thought I was finally understanding the social media game (you know…Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) a new player grabs my attention and pulls me in.  It’s called Periscope….have you heard about this new kid in town? Periscope is a free mobile app owned by Twitter where you can stream live video using your smartphone or tablet.  This is creating a valuable forum for bloggers, entrepreneurs, families & social media gurus to connect live with their followers or audience.

I finally got hip to the game and joined  a couple of months ago.  I’ve watched “scopes” (Periscope slang for “live videos”) of beautiful ocean scenes, joined walks through Italian piazzas, listened in on marketing conversations with other bloggers & even been to the streets of Hong Kong…..all in real time!!!  I even shared my own visit to a nearby Lavender Farm during my first scoping session.  So far, I am enjoying this app and am anxious to find new creative ways I can incorporate Periscope into my blogging and social media adventures.

Have you scoped, yet?  Are you ready to get started, but don’t know where to begin?

Here are a couple (ok, 60…I got carried away) of Periscope ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Let’s Scope about…..

  1. Favorite vacation spot
  2. Easy DIY craft or recipe
  3. Showcase a store or Etsy haul
  4. How to stay motivated?
  5. Hosting a giveaway? Share how to enter & the goodies your audience can win.
  6. How to videos on photography, blogging or building a website
  7. Best stress relievers
  8. Showcase new items in your shop.
  9. Favorite concert
  10. Book Review or Movie Review
  11. Beautiful sunset or ocean view
  12. Organization tips
  13. Did you recently win a giveaway? Share your win & give a shout out to the host of the giveaway!
  14. How to make a vision board
  15. Favorite affirmations
  16. 5 Tips to a Productive Day
  17. Ask your audience their favorite tips, recipes, vacation spots, books, etc.
  18. Blog teaser…share what will be on your blog this week
  19. Interview someone who has inspired you & your journey.
  20. Have you attended a professional conference lately? Share 3 things you learned & will put into action.
  21. Volunteering at your favorite charity soon? Scope about it then have a call-to-action to encourage your audience to do the same.
  22. Favorite workout tips
  23. How to survive a family road trip
  24. Tuesday Trivia for those folks that love game shows.
  25. Back to School lunch ideas
  26. Behind the scenes of your shop or blog
  27. How to put together a stunning outfit on a shoestring budget.
  28. Read your favorite quote or Bible verse.
  29. Sounds of Nature (Fit Triangle Mom scoped recently at a beautiful backyard scenery. The wind in the trees, birds singing & children laughing were the perfect sounds of nature & a relaxing summer afternoon.)
  30. Crafting with the kiddos
  31. Apps that help you manage your day, your family or your business.
  32. How do you relax?
  33. Take your audience for a walk through your favorite trail or park.
  34. Share what’s on your workout playlist.
  35. At a concert or a festival?  Scope about all the fun you are having.
  36. Share a family outing, sports game or graduation. (Great way to share live events with family who could not attend.  I’d recommend you keep this video private or only feature it in a closed group.)
  37. Mistakes you have made & how you have learned from them.
  38. Have a special talent? Scope & bring others a bit of joy or laughter.
  39. Super saver or couponing tips
  40. Blogging tips & tricks
  41. Decorating hacks on a budget
  42. Car care & how to keep your ride smelling fresh.
  43. Looking to collaborate with other like minds? Ask your followers if they’d be interested in working with you.
  44. Are you a planner-girl, like myself?  Share your favorite planner or calendar & discuss why it suits your needs.
  45. Beauty & Make-Up tips or tutorials
  46. How to set up a home office
  47. Do you have a YouTube channel?  Scope about it & your creative process.
  48. Open floor Q&A session with your followers.
  49. Holiday decorating ideas
  50. Family game night ideas
  51. Gardening basics
  52. Local city adventures….visit an area of town you have never been & scope while you are there.
  53. Family friendly scavenger hunt
  54. How to teach your child math tricks or techniques to use when solving difficult math problems.
  55. Share the best advice you have ever received then ask your audience to share theirs.
  56. Show your latest subscription box
  57. Love your pet? Share pet advice or just scope having some fun playtime with your favorite furry friend.
  58. Best at-home children birthday party ideas
  59. How to build a lemonade stand on a budget
  60. 10 Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas

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 I am looking forward to putting a couple of these ideas into action and becoming better engaged with fellow bloggers & other Periscope users out there.   Periscope is definitely a forum that will keep you inspired, energized and allow you the freedom to create & share.

If you are already on Periscope what have you been scoping about with your audience?  I’d love to hear from you & be inspired!  Don’t forget to follow VendRaleigh (@VendRaleigh) on Periscope so we can all stay connected.  Have fun finding the joy & creativity during your scoping adventures!

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