Discover Hidden Tools within Facebook & Instagram at Illuminate 2017

Discover Hidden Facebook + Instagram Tools

You have been doing #allthethings when it comes to posting on your social platforms. You’ve found the best images, used your go-to hashtags, posted at optimal times across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You’re posting constantly that you’re hitting all your social media goals for the week.

You’re such a #BOSS you are even using a scheduler (i.e., HootSuite, CoSchedule, MeetEdgar, Buffer, etc.) to free up your time and taking your social media game to the hands-free level!

High five!

But, before you post are you taking advantage of all those free tools set up for you within your Facebook and Instagram business pages? Those tools that can give you the skinny on what makes your audience tick and how they’re interacting with your content? To locate them sometimes it might take a few clicks within your pages, but the search is well worth it.

In Social Media: Tap Into Hidden Features to Better Engage Your Audience during Vend Raleigh’s annual Illuminate Conference we’ll work together to uncover those tools to take your content to the next level.

In this session during Illuminate 2017, we will walk through Facebook and Instagram’s powerful insight tools to learn the demographics of our audience and the types of content that draw the most clicks, likes, comments, shares, etc. We’ll find out how to use these tools to build posts that resonate with our audience generating more engagement and allowing the algorithm to work for us. No longer will we roll our eyes at the dreaded algorithm, but we’ll use it as the secret sauce in our social media plan. In addition, we’ll touch on strategies and tips to use when trying to boost the interactions within your posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media platforms are driven by the social interactions of us and our audience. The more insight we have into our Instagram and Facebook followers the more meaningful our posts and promotions will become. Using these hidden features within Facebook and Instagram can begin to give us the upper hand in building our social media platforms and growing community that believes and supports our product or service.

Bring your laptops, tablets, mobile devices, etc. and join us during Social Media: Tap Into Hidden Features to Better Engage Your Audience at Illuminate on October 26th, 2017. Register here.

Be sure to tag your Vend Raleigh and Illuminate posts with this year’s event hashtag #VendCollective.

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