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7 Day (Photo) Challenge

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I struggle with being present with my family. My attention can be focused too heavily on my photography business that I miss great moments with both my husband and my son. My fear is that my son will grow up watching me with a phone in my hand and my eyes glued to a computer screen.

This past holiday season was particularly busy for me and I had a few days in December where I looked back and reflected on the year; in particular the last few months. I was too focused on work and sadly the memories were a blur. January 1st came and typically I am not the kind of person who makes resolutions. This year I felt compelled to… I needed to find a way to slow down time; or at the very least help me enjoy it more! I decided to do a photo challenge and photograph my life in 1 picture a day (using my phone!). I wanted to analyze where my priorities stood and see if this challenge could help me find things in my everyday life to enjoy just that much more.

Since the start of this challenge I have found that I spend more quality time with my son and family. I find so much joy in watching my son play cars. I keep my phone on the kitchen counter; not the dinner table. I wait until naptime or bedtime to answer emails or schedule phone calls. I also have an amazing visual record of my life that I reminisce on from time to time.

I challenge you to photography your life for 1 week; just 7 days! I use my phone and upload my picture straight from there; I find it to be the easiest and quickest method! You can photograph your kids, your work, your dog… Did you cook an amazing meal? TAKE A PICTURE and make your friends jealous! Did you organize your closet? Show it off and TAKE A PICTURE! Are your kids feet still hovering above the floor when they sit at the table for breakfast? Capture that moment, TAKE A PICTURE, and remember that forever!

The Vend 7 Day Photo Challenge Guidelines:

1 – Beginning Thursday, March 14th, post 1 photo a day that represents what you enjoyed most from that day on the Vend Raleigh Facebook page. Make sure to write a little something to go along with your picture. (Please don’t forget to tag your business page to your photos you submit on Facebook).

2 – Post your photos on other social media (twitter, tumbler, instagram, google +, etc) and make sure to tag #vendraleigh and #mandasmemories

3 – On the 7th day, when you submit your photo please write a little about what you learned or enjoyed from this challenge.

The photos above are from my 7 day challenge. As I mentioned before; I just use my phone to take the pictures. Noting fancy. Its not about being a photographer; it is about creating memories!

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  1. FAB idea! Excited to do this one and it’s perfect timing for some things I’m working on in my personal and professional life! Thanks for being the inspiration!

  2. Great idea. I keep my camera ready to go at a moments notice. You never know when you want to remember something. Also, my daughter has a camera and I remind her to get it out so sometimes I actually show up in a photo instead of being behind the camera all the time.

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