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Online Baby Shower for a Mompreneur-to-be

Katie Leigh Boutique, Raleigh Small Business, Raleigh Small Business WomenWhen I learned that Leigh Ellen of Katie Leigh Boutique was expecting, I asked her if we could give her an online baby shower of advice for her new role as work at home mom.  And what new mom doesn’t want advice? Well, no one. But Leigh Ellen’s a great sport and is excited to hear your tips on balancing work and baby! Here is what our Raleigh Mompreneurs had to say:

Since becoming a mother, I’ve worked full-time out-of-the-home, part-time out-of-the-home, and stayed-at-home full-time. Now, I run a business full-time while ALSO staying home full-time. In my experience, the first was the easiest. The last is the hardest. However, the same advice applies to each situation I found myself in: Have a plan–for work hours, for child care, for meals, for laundry, for relaxation, for everything. Then, feel very proud and accomplished the 90% of the time you can stick to all (OK, most) of the plan. We have blogged about our working/being home challenges here. Good luck to Leigh Ellen, our fellow mompreneur.

– Alexis, All Wrapped Up Parties

Make a plan to give yourself at least 6 weeks off when baby arrives.  Longer is better, but that’s not always the case.  Read the sleep basics of the sleep book you pick before baby arrives.  I would recommend Good Night Sleep Tight by Kim West.  Ask for help and take the help!  Be sure to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your baby, your husband, and your business.   

– Irene, Loving Lessons

Raleigh Small Business Women

Set definite business hours so that when it is time to work you can do that and not be distracted (for the most part). That also translates to when it is family time, you are not distracted with “work stuff.” I have found there are always things that happen outside of my control that will swirl my mom life and work life together at times, but for the most part if I stick to my hours it’s a win-win.

– Heather, Rodan + Fields

Re-frame failure. We all hate to fail. Sometimes, to protect ourselves, we set our goals lower than we should. Setting your goals low so that you don’t fail is like putting a cap on your own potential. “Failure” is a gift, a learning experience, and a step forward in your business.

– Kelly, Boost Interactive Media

Take it slow, your baby will grow faster than your business will. Don’t forget to enjoy the baby time, it is gone before you know it; your business and your business partner will still be there.

– Kristin, Macaroni Kid South Raleigh

Record TV shows that you enjoy to watch when awake at various hours. This way you can watch it in less time, bond with the baby and catch up with your show.

– Lori, oh Wow Lip Balm

Do you have an Mompreneur-to-be tips to add?

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