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Becoming a Fearless Storyteller

Carrie Grace Raleigh SpeakerHey y’al!, I’m Carrie Grace. I cannot wait for Illuminate October 4th for us to all to together inspiring one another in the power of storytelling!


Women are brought up in culture that teaches them to self doubt and question their worth. As a result, women tend to shy away from opportunity, or don’t go apply for jobs if they don’t meet all the qualifications. Fear will literally use everything in it’s power to stop you from chasing your dreams. Fear allows deep self doubt, insecurity, and comparison to take root in your soul, and prevent you from ever even crossing the starting line.


Every one’s story matters and has the ability to impact others’ lives if we are willing to step up to the plate and share it boldly and fearlessly. We, too often, look at other’s stories and stack ours up against their. But no story is in the exact same place. The incredible Jon Acuff once said, “never compare your beginnings to someone else’s middle.” That being said, it’s easy to look at someone else’s success and forget all the obstacles and heartaches they had to overcome to get to where they are going.


Becoming a fearless storyteller allows you to live more on purpose with the hopes of impacting and inspiring others. You don’t have to have a million followers or be a New York times best seller to become a fearless storyteller. You just have to be brave and bold, and be willing to share your story unashamed and unafraid in front of others.


Challenge: write out your big, scary dream(s). And then create steps backwards from there. And take one baby step every single day towards that dream of yours!
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Hi y’all.  I’m Carrie Grace.  So nice to meet you!  I’m a former teacher turned motivational speaker.  I currently travel all over the U.S. spreading joy and kindness to companies, colleges, sororities, schools and many more!  I’m on a mission to help others leave the world better than they found it.  I’ve been known to love BIG (big as in throwing a party on an airplane big!) and starting an annual be kind day where I pass out free ice cream and balloons in the park.  At the end of the day, I just love to encourage anyone who crosses my path.

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