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We tend to equate influence with power and visibility. It’s the woman leading the organization or standing on a stage. This mindset comes from a basic misunderstanding of how and why God made people, but the truth is, we are all created for influence.

Raleigh Infuencer Sharon Miller


Sharon Hodde Miller is an author, speaker, pastor’s wife, and mom. She holds a PhD on the topic of women and calling, and she is a regular contributor to Propel and She Reads Truth. Her first book releases this fall, and you can read more about Sharon and her writing at her blog, SheWorships.com.



Tuesday, May 30th, 7:00pm
Hope Community Church, Morrisville
1000 Perimeter Park Drive, Morrisville

$15, $12 for Vend Raleigh Directory Members 

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This is a public event. While Vend Raleigh serves small business women, this event is for nonprofits, women in ministry, women leading at home, in the workplace, and in the community.

This event is a relaunch to Vend Raleigh’s Business Women of Faith meetings . While our conversation is around Christian faith, all are invited.

* This is professional event. Mompreneurs, please find childcare. Registration fees are nonrefundable.

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