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Spring is a great time for family portraits and even updating your professional headshot. As moms and entrepreneurs, we deserve to look our best during photo sessions. Not only will you feel good about yourself, but you will set a good example for your kids by showing them that we each matter as individuals and deserve to look and feel our best! Self-value is one of those basic life lessons that is a foundational building block for genuine happiness and success. Take some time to prep for your photo session!

Here are a few quick tips for photo success:

  • Be confident in your outfit selection. Take time to plan you outfit and accessories so you are not scrambling at the last minute to put something together and then stressing about what looks good. Layers are your friends! A light-weight scarf, pashmina, shrug or other sweater are great options for all body types. But also, don’t be afraid to show off your curves with a figure fitting dress and/or belt. Opt for solids or prints with little contrast. In other words, leave the Zebra print leggings for another day!           Raleigh Family Photographer
  • Enhance your current make-up routine. A make-up artist is ideal, but not always necessary. If you are doing your own make-up, keep it close to what you would normally wear, but be just slightly more dramatic with the eyes and lips. Also, use a matte foundation or HD translucent powder to diminish any shine. Don’t apply your daily sunscreen (just this once). The simple truth is, cameras need light (either natural or flash) and light will reflect even the slightest bit of shine on your face. The sales people at Sephora and Ulta can help find products that work for you.
  • Have your hair done. How are those roots? If you color your hair, schedule your photo session within 1 to 2 weeks after your next hair appointment, so the color looks fresh. Don’t make any drastic changes in color either. Make an appointment at a local blow dry bar the day of the photo session to add a bit of overall polish to your look. Also, you will feel more relaxed letting someone else tame your tresses.                                                               Raleigh Family Photographer
  • Do your research and find a good photographer with experience photographing women. There is a bit of magic to choosing the right camera settings, angles, and posing that can really flatter a female subject. A well experienced photographer will know the tricks of the trade.
  • Finally, I can’t emphasize this next one enough. Get your beauty sleep!!! It really does help. Eat a well-balanced, not too heavy, dinner. Avoid alcohol and caffeine later in the day. Turn off all technology. Unplug and settle your mind with a warm bath or a cup of herbal tea and a book before going to sleep at an early hour. A good night’s sleep really does show in your face and overall attitude towards the day. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep.Raleigh family photographer

I talk with so many Moms who say they just want photos of the kids and don’t care to be in the photo. But, Moms NEED to be in photos with their kids. Just imagine when your son or daughter has a bad day and comes home to see a photo of themselves surrounded by the people they love. And in that photo they see their loving, happy, strong and confident Mom! Children feel a sense of belonging with family photos and they realize that whatever happens out in the big bad world, they have a safe place to come home to. So, stop making excuses. Follow the tips above and be in the photo!


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