Summer Marketing Strategies for Raleigh Direct Sales

10 Ways To Keep Your Business Mojo Over Summer


Summer Marketing Strategies for Raleigh Direct Sales Summer Marketing Strategies | Raleigh Direct Sales

Whether your are prepared for this time or not your kids have nearly completed 185 days of school (minus a few reprieve days). Not only that but it’s time to enjoy and take a vacation as a family and make some memories.  As a Mompreneur your challenge is to keep your business mojo going and keep connecting with clients and new business partners during a season of vacation and travel.

As a former teacher and direct sales professional I love to plan.   However for me, my key word to remember over summer time is FLEXIBILTY!  If you look up this word you’ll find the following: the willingness to change or compromise.  Our summer schedule needs to respect what summer is all about, a break from routine!   How do you keep your business going over these summer months? A little routine, creativity and patience could help in making the best summer ever for your business and family 

  1. Creative Partying – Party on the Go – Prepare several party on the go kits to send with hostesses.  While your hostesses are out and about they can share the catalogs, samples and take orders. If your company has online ordering, sending them to the page to order directly will save you and your hostess time.
  2. Sales – Offer a few one time sales over the summer, such as free shipping, free gift with purchase or free product for scheduling a catalog party. This keeps your customers informed of great incentives that may help them with great deals this summer.
  3. 5 x 5 parties – Invite 5 hostesses to invite 5 friends and they invite 5 more. Meet at a restaurant, order appetizers to share. Share the hostess rewards between them! 
  4. Theme parties – I love to attend a party that has a purpose! Make sure your invitations are INVITING and fun!  Sandals and Sangria?  Mimosas and Muffins?  Beach Bingo? Flip Flip Frenzy? My favorite this summer will be a wine tasting, Thirty-one offers cute bottle thermals and each person will have a taste test of their favorite wine and vote.
  5. Virtual Parties – Allow your customers to see your products through a virtual Facebook party. Set a time and place to “show” your products.  This is becoming quite popular. The key is to invite people early, follow up the day before and make sure that they are ONLINE on TIME!  This can be done in our jammies anywhere!  Have your hostess invite guests from all over the country!
  6. Parties on Vacation – When you travel bring a core set of products with you and your marketing materials.  Never leave without your business supplies. You might find a few hours in a coffee shop to “work” and just have a few products out. Share them at the pool whilst your family is running around elsewhere.  Be open to show and tell anytime anywhere!
  7. Office Hours – Set aside those Power Hours to work through the most important tasks you need to tackle.  In our business it’s important to set aside 15 minutes to hostess coach, 15 minutes for team follow up, 15 minutes for new customers and 15 minutes of office time. It’s a simple hour of work each day (more if you can do it) that can keep you on top of your tasks.
  8. Creative with Marketing Materials – prepare goody bags with coupons and coloring activities for kids to pass out while you are shopping at the store. Visit hair salons or spas to share you business cards. Get out and about each day!
  9. Have fun!  Your business should be fun and once it seems like work it’s time to reevaluate. Your parties should be simple, easy and fun. The best gift you can give yourself and your family is time. Schedule your work and party hours around your family to be sure you have that balance that works for you.
  10. Touch Base – When customers are leery of hosting because they are too busy remind them that partying is just as much about connecting with long lost friends as it is about getting new free product.  Gather a few gals together while the kids play, hire a sitter to watch them in the pool and enjoy each others company while partying! 


Consistent activity year round will produce the results you need for a strong business.  It is so much easier to keep you business going than to take time off and get started again.  Embrace and be accepting of change, willing to embrace it at a moment’s notice.  Your kids and business will thank you!

Vacation Tips for Small Business Owners | As a Mompreneur, how do you manage your business while away on summer vacation? We talk about that and our summer schedules with kids home in our latest Vend Raleigh Leadership Call! 

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