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Join Vend Raleigh Mompreneur Coaches and learn how they can help you and your business!

Do you feel like a coach could help you, but you’re not sure how? Have you ever wanted to seek inside the world of what coaches actually do, and how they could help? We’ve got 3 unique perspectives from mompreneur coaches, Susan Hand, Noa Ronen and Bridgett Tulloh.

Here’s a sneak peek of the subject matter we’ll cover:

Susan Hand, speaker at Vend Raleigh: Coaching ShowcaseWork Flow Systems and Automating Your Business

If you’ve ever wondered how you could take 2 weeks off from your business, while having it run effectively in your absence, Susan Hand will illuminate you.

Susan is skilled at implementing systems that get you back your own time. She’ll take a two-hour task and, with systems newly in place, shrink that time down to a 5-minute task. This is efficiency and productivity at the next level.

Susan Hand is a master at defining business systems and using today’s online technology to help entrepreneurs, independent professionals and small businesses bring exponential growth, profitability, and productivity to their business. 

Known as the “Fixer” by her fellow entrepreneurs and clients, Susan provides business owners with the strategies and implementation blueprints they need to walk away with not only a plan, but also the exact ACTION steps to be successful. 

Noa Ronen, speaker at Vend Raleigh: Coaching ShowcaseExperiment with your business – How to not fear the fear even when it gets messy?

Being a business owner has many advantages, we can make our own decisions and plan our schedule. However, when we know that it is time to shift gears and move to the next phase, it feels like we lose control. There is the excitement of planning a new project, but when we get to the implementation phase we suddenly stop. What makes us stop? what if we could shift the energy? What if we could confront our fears rather than fighting them? Join the Out of The Box conversation with Noa Ronen and see how you can bring a new perspective into your bigger game.

The name Noa (without the letter h), means movement in Hebrew, and although she is not moving all the time, movement has come to play a big role in her life. Her family relocation had an enormous influence on the way she lives her life; and on her decision to become a Professional Coach and support individuals leaders and teams through transition.

Noa invites her clients to think outside the box and shift their attention and focus from the success stories of others to create their own unique success story. This way they can create a strong and sustainable system that keeps them on track and away from procrastination.

Bridgett Tulloh, speaker at Vend Raleigh: Coaching ShowcaseMindfulness, Balance and Developing Your Vision

Do you sometimes feel you don’t have a clear vision of where you want to be in one year or three years’ time? Are you on auto-pilot with your family and business, feeling stressed or anxious? Do you eat chocolate behind pantry doors?

If you answered yes to any of those, you may be a mompreneur in need of a little mindfulness.

Join Bridgett Tulloh on an excursion into the simple joys of presence. Let go of the need to be doing 1,001 and things and relax into the future-self visualization we’ll be practicing. This exercise will leave you with a clear image and feeling of where you want to be, and help you to enjoy the journey along the way. Leave feeling refreshed and eager.

Bridgett Tulloh is a mompreneur and serial entrepreneur with a mission to help other moms find their own true success.  She combines her mindfulness and visioning work with her online tech skills to show other moms how to take their dream to reality.  Bridgett lives a flexible ‘laptop lifestyle’ truly finding time for work and family.  She believes in creating and designing the life you truly envision and she is grateful for the opportunity to teach other moms about this unique lifestyle and business model.
Bridgett received her Master’s degree in Education and her coaching training at Duke Integrative Health.  Find her at The Radiant Mompreneur or www.BridgettTulloh.com.

Are you a coach?

We won’t leave you out! There will be time designated for you to briefly share what it is you do and how you serve your clients! Come prepared to share.

Thursday, March 24, 9:00am – 12:00pm
*Doors open for networking at 9am. We will formally begin at 9:30am.
We understand you need to drop off and pick up preschoolers, come and go as you need to!

Junior League of Raleigh, 711 Hillsbourgh St., Raleigh

$30, $24 rate for Vend Raleigh Directory Members (email to come with promo code)

* Tickets are nonrefundable. This is a professional Mompreneur event, please find child care.

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