Do You Come From a Line of Mompreneurs?

I chuckled the other day when my friend Kelly Shiley, owner of ScrpitureArt, said, “Look at the Proverbs 31 woman, she was flippin’ land!”  I was pondering over the possibility of there being more work at home moms now than ever before.  With modern day shopping cart websites and social media, it sure does make it easy for a woman to start her own business and quickly have a customer base.  Since I’m not much of a math girl, I didn’t research stats but thought more about my personal experience of mothers in my family that worked from home.

My maternal grandmother was an H&R Block accountant.  I remember her office off the living room being a very busy place during tax time. My husband’s maternal grandmother was a hair stylist and she still has her fully functioning salon behind her house attached to the garage.

Do you come from a line of mompreneurs or moms with at home businesses? Do you think that encouraged you to start your own business? 

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