Capturing Your Holiday Memories by Changing Perspective

It’s almost time to open presents and capture those smiles and looks of surprise! Here are a few tips to help with documenting your 2012 holiday memories. When taking pictures of my son and our family, one thing I love to capture is the details of the day. Changing your perspective is one way that helps tell the story of your holiday. 
These are a few images of my son painting by the Christmas tree. The first thing I did was capture the Christmas tree behind him. To get those blurry Christmas light photos, you will want some space between your little one and the tree. The closer you are to the tree, the more the lights will be in focus. 


Next, I stepped back to include our stockings, holiday decorations, and our sweet dog Charlie. Don’t forget to document those decorations that change through the years! You can also see in this picure that he wasn’t standing directly in front of the tree, which produced the blurry tree background above. Zooming in helps with the pretty Christmas tree bokeh.
Some of my favorite images are not just the ones of him smiling looking at the camera. I also love the images when he is thinking or working .


Don’t forget to capture your little one’s favorites right now. Owen loves to mix all of the paint colors together when he creates his masterpieces. If your child has brought a favorite stuffed animal to open presents, don’t forget to include the lovie in your family photos.

Another way I changed perspective was to shoot through the Christmas tree.  The tree framed him painting and I love the way the lights blurred. Just make sure that you have your focus point on your subject.  This would be a fun perspective while taking pictures of your little ones opening presents. 

Next, I told him something silly to get the smiling at Mommy picture. I always try to get at least one looking at the camera smiling picture.  I love the paint on his face, and I love that smile! 
Last, I changed which direction I was shooting from to leave out the tree altogether and capture the beautiful light coming in from the windows. Changing where I was standing captured a whole different background and image – love this one! 
Putting all of these images together tells the story of his morning painting by the tree! 

When taking indoor photos this holiday season, don’t forget to open all of your blinds, turn on lights, and bump up your iso. Enjoy taking photos and make sure to use your timer and take some of the family together! 

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  2. Becky!! I don’t know how I am just seeing this article, but I love it! And I love all the photos of Sweet Owen painting! <3

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