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“We Were on a Break” | Don’t Stall Out Your Business Over Summer

Small Business Over SummerI recently had a client say to me, “I want to hire you in August to manage our social media. We take a break for summer.” Wait, what?! What about your followers, your fans, your loyal clients? You’ve built a following and now you are going to “take a break” for 3 months? Even if you step back from your business over summer or maybe you even close shop, don’t disappear from your social media or your client connections. Keep those relationships going by entertaining them, engaging and keeping them in the loop when you will be back in business. Your followers like you. They want to interact with you.  And like a IRL relationship, they want to know they are important to you. (By the way, they did hire me through the summer to continue their social media.)

Think of your favorite blogger, author, speaker, parenting expert, life coach, or celebrity. What if they took a break for months? How would that feel? Confused? Abandoned? Reminds me of a favorite Friends story line. You know what I’m talking about.


Here are some tips to keeping your keen business sense through those lazy summer months.

Content Calendar

Hold yourself accountable and create a social media calendar for the summer. Commit to showing up in the news feed every week. Consider writing your posts and creating your images now and scheduling them. (Be sure to check in and reply to comments.) How much can you really “make up” for 3 months? Your loyal followers would love to know where you vacation, show them a family pic on the beach or in Disney. Hop on Canva and create a series of images with your favorite quotes or tips.

Is writing difficult for you? Not even sure what topics to post on social media? Take this Vend Raleigh blogging class- How to Blog in an Hour.


Challenge Yourself

What are those business books you’ve been meaning to read? Commit to a webinar. What skill, class or product do you want to offer in the fall? Develop that!

Ready to brush up on other social media platforms other than Facebook? Join me for this class- Social Media Moms. (Perfect for business minded-moms or moms that just want to learn more about Twitter and Instagram!)


Visualize and Plan for Fall Business

Imagine the fun is over. It’s late August and kids are back in school, travel is done, then what? What are your sales goals for fall? When will you be back to business full time? Go ahead and start scheduling jobs for late August and early September now. Your reply to clients shouldn’t be, “Shop is closed.” Your reply should be, “I’m scheduling late summer/early fall sessions/project now. When can I put you down?”

Want to plan a sponsored blog post on in late summer to boost your fall marketing? Email me!


We won’t be taking a break at Vend Raleigh. We’ll continue successful Facebook groups, events and meetings, and of course we will be promoting the Vend Raleigh Directory. Don’t miss these classes and meetings to keep you motivated this summer!

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  1. Got it! Not going to check out for the summer, but I did go sign up for Kelly Phillips’ VR Class “How to Blog in An Hour” to make it a little easier. Thank you!

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