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The first time I saw an image of a newborn sleeping in a basket in a field, I was hooked.  There was something so beautiful, so serene, so natural about a baby outdoors.  My own two sons, when they were tiny babies were almost instantly lulled to sleep when placed outdoors in the fresh air.  I know that when I look for artwork for my own home, nature is my inspiration.  I quickly fell in love with the idea of combining the beauty, simplicity, and newness of a newborn baby with the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation.  The patterns and awe of nature constantly amaze me and are always my inspiration.

I am a photographer serving the Raleigh area who not only specializes in classic newborn portraits but I am now very excited to announce a brand new portrait experience for Triangle families:  the outdoor newborn portrait session.   Raleigh- Photographer-Erica-Courtine

If you have had children and have experienced a newborn photography session for your brand new baby, you most likely either traveled to a studio or had the photographer come to your home.  While I still offer traditional newborn portrait sessions in the comfort of your home, I am thrilled to offer this new outdoor experience.  I know that your family will treasure these beautiful portraits for generations.Erica-Courtine-Raleigh-Photographer-1

How does an outdoor newborn session work?

Outdoor newborn sessions can be held from April through October.  The temperature needs to be between 75 and 90 degrees.  Your baby has lived in a 98 degree womb for 9 months, so warmth is comfort.   Because rain can interfere, I can only schedule 2-3 outdoor newborn sessions a month.  We schedule your session right after your baby is born.  We want your session to be before your baby turns 2 weeks old.  We meet at a location that is strategically chosen.  I want a location that is a short drive from your home and one that will have minimal walking required for you.  I also want a location that has seating readily available so you can relax during the session.  If it’s not available, I bring seating with me.  I bring several containers- bowls, baskets, crates, etc. to put the baby in.  All are weighted for stability and natural insect repellant is placed on the bottom of each, where it can repel insects while being several blanket layers away from touching the baby.  The time of day when I do outdoor newborn sessions is typically not a time when the bugs are out.  Sun is also a consideration and I use shade to keep the baby out of the direct sunlight.  Parents help spot the baby and are always very close by.  In fact, in many images, there is a hand supporting the baby that is edited out later.

I bring with me everything we need.  All props, blankets, outfits, and hats are provided.  I also bring wipes and burp cloths in case an accident happens (very possible!).  Newborn sessions, whether indoors or out, can take a while because most newborns need breaks to eat, get comfortable, and fall asleep.  While a typical indoor session lasts 2-3 hours, I try very hard to complete outdoor newborn sessions in 2 hours or less so you can get back into your comfortable home.  Parents and siblings are welcome to be photographed with the new baby.  In a gallery of 25 edited images, typically 3-5 are of the newborn baby with family.


How do I book an outdoor newborn session?

If you have a due date that is between April and October, I would love to help you with an outdoor newborn session.  To book a session, a session fee is paid to secure your spot.   I am so excited to introduce Raleigh families to outdoor newborn sessions that I am offering 30% off the session fee (a $75 savings!).  To maintain flexibility in scheduling, I am only able to schedule about 2-3 outdoor newborn sessions per month.  It is wise to book before you are due, but there are occasional times when I can fit in a session at the last minute.  After the session, you receive a gallery of edited images and from there choose a package.  Every package contains a certain number of both digital files and print release and professional quality prints of your images.


I will always cherish my traditional newborn sessions that are held indoors.  I adore the sweet little poses and features that can be captured using nothing but a baby, a blanket, and window light.  But I am so excited to offer outdoor newborn sessions as a new service.  I hope that families in the Raleigh area will see the unique, beautiful portraits that can be created in nature and will get excited about this service.


For more detailed information about Raleigh outdoor newborn session or any types of sessions I offer and detailed pricing information, please visit my website at www.ericacourtinephotography.com.  I am always happy to answer any questions you have.

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