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Email trumps social media.

Often times we see solo entrepreneurs overlooking the incredible potential of their email list. Begin engaging with your clients (and future clients) via email this week. Tiffani Campbell led an email marketing workshop for Vend Raleigh earlier this year and it was so valuable we invited her to put the class online for those that may have missed it.

Email marketing can be a powerful and strategic tool for any small business when it comes to brand awareness, engaging customers, boosting sales, increasing website traffic, and driving a high ROI. There is strength in an email list no matter how big or small.

During this workshop learn the benefits of email marketing, how to build an email list, tips on how to creatively market your brand to customers in their inbox, and best practices when running your own email campaign.  If you are wondering whether to add email marketing to your tool belt then come to this workshop and learn how this cost-effective digital marketing tool can be an asset to your business.

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The teaching video is 33 mins and packed with information to build your confidence in email marketing and empower you to get started today! Purchase the online course and it’s available to you unlimited for two weeks.

Raleigh Moms Blog Tiffani CampbellTiffani Campbell, a Raleigh-Cary native, is the new owner of Raleigh Moms Blog, a website dedicated to the Raleigh area and the moms who live here.

In 2015 Tiffani took a leap and jumped into the world of blogging. She started her own blog, All Inspired Mom, a place where she could write about the things that kept her inspired & joyful in her parenting journey. Through blogging she found the supportive network of Vend Raleigh. Her excitement to work with other small business owners and her growing interest in social media brought her to lead Vend Raleigh’s New Media group.

Tiffani enjoys learning the ins & outs of social media and how small business owners can tap into these growing platforms. These opportunities continue to ignite her passion to serve other Vend Raleigh Mompreneurs and help them navigate through their own social media platforms.



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