6 Things a Newbie Etsy Shop Owner Should Do

Six Etsy Tips to Opening Your New Shop 

When I first created my Etsy shop, The Gretchen Collection, I had been accepted as a seller at the Apex Peak Fest and wanted my artwork to have an online presence to make my business look “legit.” So, I took a few pictures of my artwork and quickly slapped them on Etsy. I have learned so much since and wanted to share some must know Etsy tips I have learned along the way. Whether you have been an artisan for some time or have just created your first product, these tips will help you take the Etsy plunge. 

  • Name it: Your shop name matters! Carefully consider the name of your Etsy Shop. Pick a name that people will remember and can spell when searching for your shop. Does your shop name represent what you are selling? Also, consider leaving your shop name broad enough so that you can expand your products in the future.

  • Brand it: Take time to work on the “look” of your Etsy shop. Create a logo and shop banner that coordinate and give a cohesive look. You can create a simple banner with product photos and text via free photo editing sites like picmonkey.com. Also, take time to photograph your products well. Your product photos are ultimately what will make someone click on your product in a search on Etsy. Take focused pictures in natural light and shoot multiple angles of the same product. Basic photo editing like cropping your photos and adjusting the brightness can really make your photos pop for a small amount of time invested. Also, add a watermark to your pictures so that people will be able to find your Etsy shop from a shared photo.

  • List it: Spend time on each listing so you don’t have to fix them later. It is very time-consuming to edit multiple listings on Etsy, so take extra time now to get your listings right. This will save you so much time down the road. Etsy allows 140 characters in the title, so take advantage of that. You can also add 13 tags that will be used when people search those words. Use keywords that best describe your item and would most frequently be searched. Also, use the “copy” feature to copy a listing if you have multiple similar items. As customers have questions about your products, add that information into your product description because most likely another customer would have the same question.

  • Ship it: Have shipping supplies handy and ready to go if you receive an order. You can now print shipping labels directly from Etsy, so you don’t have to go to the post office to ship a package. You can print the label on your home printer and then arrange a carrier pick up via the USPS website. This will save you time and money driving to the post office. You also receive discounted postage and free delivery confirmation by printing shipping labels directly though Etsy. Score!

  • Work it: The most valuable resource in creating an Etsy shop are your fellow Etsians. I have met so many Etsy sellers since I opened my shop and they are the most supportive and collaborative people you will ever meet. So, don’t hesitate to send an email or call to ask advice. There are many groups to join on Etsy which can connect you to other similar Etsy sellers. Of course, if you are a mompreneur in the Raleigh area, definitely join the Vend Raleigh Etsy Shop Owners Facebook group.

  • Do it: Are you ready to take the Etsy plunge?! Right now Etsy is offering 40 free listings for new shops referred by current shops. You can use my link to earn your free listings. You have to click on this link before creating your shop to earn the free listings.

Happy selling! 

Would you like more Etsy tips?  Vend Raleigh Etsy Shop Owners wrote a blog series mid-November! Check it out here!

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