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Finding More Time In Your Day: Holiday Edition

Finding More Time in Your Day: Holiday Edition 

Raleigh Small Business WomenWith the holidays upon us, finding time to chill with the family, or just to be alone, is a daunting task.  But we need that time to be in the moment with our children, to enjoy this magical season of giving, and rejuvenate our souls.  It seems too often than not, the holiday season leaves an otherwise fabulous Super Mom feeling completely unhappy and frustrated. Here are just a few tips on making time for everything that needs to get done.  


ASK FOR HELP! Ask hubby to step in and take on a few extra duties at home. Hire a housekeeping service. Utilize a drop-in child care service and knock a few things off your to-do list without your little darlings under your feet. Or trade babysitting with a friend and you both come out ahead.

Organize…the night before! Plan out tomorrow before you tuck in for the night. Make a list of everything you want to accomplish the next day, and in what order you want to do it. And while you’re at it, delegate or even delete some of the to-dos.

Shop online. You’d think this would be a no brainer. Yet every year the parking lots are packed with cars and the stores hold long lines and crabby customers. Now that might be your thing, and that’s okay too! Just make sure to account for the extra time for finding parking and standing in line.

Got a big extended family? Time to suggest Secret Santa to them, if no one has brought it up already. Have you ever wondered how to draw names when everyone is spread out all over the country? Then check out this fun little site that my family uses every year:  http://www.elfster.com/. Elfster will not only coordinate the gift exchange, but you can also put in your own wish list or suggest gifts for other family members. 

I think I’ve said this one before, but it bears repeating: Schedule yourself some time off! Even if it’s just a few hours here and there. Vow not to check emails, voicemails, or social media.  A few hours to connect with an old friend or even spent alone will do more for your productivity than burning yourself out.

Yes, there is much to do, but slow down and simplify where you can, and enjoy this magical time of year through the eyes of your children. Happy Holidays!


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Christy Johnson has two amazing little girls and a rock of a handsome hubby. She photographs Raleigh’s most adorable families and blogs her photography work and personal stories at Be True Image Design. Email her with your own struggles and triumphs with work/life balance at christy@betrueimagedesign.com.


Raleigh Small Business Women

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