Finding Support When Starting Your Own Business

A personal story of going back to work and starting a small business after having children.

I went from being an extremely successful Nationally Board Certified teacher and Math trainer for Wake County to Stay at Home Mom and Independent Consultant for The Pampered Chef.   I was so involved in my teaching career and really what I wanted MORE was to be a mommy!  I knew that someday when I was blessed with children I was going to stay at home and raise my babies. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening.   I never realized how much adult interaction I had as a teacher. Going from being around people all day long to being at home with a little baby boy who would eat, sleep, and poop was very lonely. I had to find a way to contribute more to my family, so I decided to sell Pampered Chef. 

When I would tell my close friends and family what I was doing I received a few giggles and I was questioned several times about why I was doing this. “If you need money why not go back to teaching?” Ha! Have any of you felt this way?  So, I started getting embarrassed to tell people that I was selling “cooking stuff.”  

The second reason I wasn’t sharing my business was because I was scared my friends would say no or just think I was trying to sell them something.   The truth is, many of my friends were supportive and guess what!  I met a whole new group of friends. Some of these friends are my fellow Pampered Chef Consultants, some are customers of mine, some are other direct sales people I’ve connected with, and some were old friends that I was able to reconnect with because they wanted to PARTY PC style!

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