Working Moms 6 Secrets to Success

As mompreneurs we all are looking for a smooth work/life ebb and flow. Constantly making sure that business, our family, friends and we get the attention all need.

Here are six ways to help you have a life of smoother ebb and flow:

  1. Make time to manage your calendars
  2. Schedule time with your kids, family and yourself. All work and no play makes for a grumpy mom. 
  3. Use apps such as Evernote, Weatherbug, Iprocrastinate, Remember the Milk (research them)
  4. Set soft timers for task reminders and managing length of task
  5. Set aside extra time: if you think a task will take five minutes set aside ten
  6. Say “no,” but offer alternative dates and times of when you can give 100% to a particular task

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