Honoring Your Commitments in 2014

Honoring Your Commitments: How it can grow your business!

I was told many years ago that if you sign up to be at an event, you show up; Rain or shine. 

Any time of year, North Carolina’s weather is unpredictable and when you are at an outside event, you plan for everything. But, when it was time to start getting ready for an event a few months ago, when it was raining just about every other day; I just knew no one was going to show up. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of going and my bed was nice and cozy. So, who would blame me when I had a debate with myself trying to prove why it was OK to just stay home. I asked myself, what if no vendors show up, but kids do and there isn’t anything for them to do? Then, without any additional hesitation; out the door I went!

I had such a wonderful time. The number of attendees was below the expected amount, but they still came and they showed up with huge hearts and big smiles! In the early hours when the vendors were thinking we would float down the river, I was able to network with many different businesses and schedule meetings about working together in the future. I was able to sit and chat with a local town representative about Macaroni Kid and what we are doing in the community and how we could partner together. I was invited to a few upcoming shows to interview cast members and see behind the scenes. I signed up to be a volunteer for a few kid friendly places AND on top of that, I reached the number of new subscribers that I wanted and had the chance to proudly promote the advertisers who currently had running ads on Macaroni Kid. But, none of that would have been possible, if I had not gone. Another point, all the vendors that did not show up will be banned from attending the annual event in the future.

Therefore, if you sign up to be at an event, try your best to be there. The event coordinators you work with will document if you show up. They don’t want to book spots for vendors that don’t show and in honoring your commitments; you might just meet future clients or partners. 


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  1. Awesome to hear! Kristin is a business owner to look up to! We’ve partnered together on an article series and she is organized and efficient. Can’t wait to work with her again in the future. Cheers to staying true to your business and your commitments along the way!

    Nicole Hanner
    Maternity, Newborn and Childrens Photographer

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