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4 HOT Home Selling Tips From Top Raleigh Realtor


Raleigh Realty, Raleigh RealtorAs a professional REALTOR there are questions I get all the time! Most people want to maximize their budget before putting their home on the market but they don’t want to break the bank. Here are 4 things you WILL NOT be sorry you did that cost very little money but really make your home stand out in a crowd!

PAINT– It sounds simple but this is one of the most important things you can do. It automatically updates your home.  Fresh neutral paint makes your home smell fresh, clean, and new. Buyers notice immediately. Agents use it to market your home. This is not a step you want to miss. Even if the paint color on your walls is relatively new just freshening up the trim can work magic. If you are not sure what colors to select…peruse home improvements websites, Pinterest, or consult a knowledgeable real estate agent. Anyone on our team can tell you the most popular trends in the Parade of Homes and the really “hot” colors of the year that buyers will love!

CARPET– Again like paint, when the door is opened and  the look, smell, and feel of newly laid carpet is presented to buyers it just feels more “move in ready”. Most people think this is a huge expense. We work with great companies locally that can work with any budget to help sellers ready their home with new carpet. Contrary to what most sellers think it does not have to be the most expensive carpet installed that brings in the offers. Just the fact it is new and neutral is enough to welcome most buyers . Another great marketing feature as well to bring buyers in!

DECLUTTER– This is the one doesn’t come as much of a surprise to many but it’s very important. It is especially important in kitchens and bedrooms where buyers are looking to get the most space for their money.  I often get asked about personal items, mainly photographs. Should they be put away or left out?  I always suggest to keep out a few simple ones to make it feel like a home yet not enough to make it hard for someone to imagine it ever being their new home.

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STAGING– There is statistic after statistic that properly staging a home will make it sell faster and for a higher price than the exact same home that is vacant. It is hard for a good bit of our population to visualize something that isn’t there. Staging can run anywhere from $100 on upwards depending on what you want to accomplish. This is a FREE service our team offers and if you need to vacate your home and take your personal items we have staging items we can use in your home while it is being marketed to get you the most bang for your buck! I do hear all the time, primarily from families with children how hard it is to live in a home and keep it “show ready”. I get that and we can offer simple solutions that allow you to function in your home and still have it ready in a moment’s notice for that showing that brings a big offer! 

Freshly updated, clean, and well-staged homes are flying off the market within a matter of hours or days and in several cases currently in multiple offer situations and sellers are not having to spend fortunes to get them market ready. Sometimes a few simple things make a world of difference!  Inventory is at an all-time low so if you are on the fence about buying or selling it is a GREAT time! I am pleased to offer a special listing rate for all VEND members. Give me a call today (919) 475-1304 or check me out on Facebook  to stay abreast of the market and what’s going on in the Triangle! 

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