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Celebrate Today Series (Part 3)

All Wrapped Up Parties _ CelebrateTodayAll Wrapped Up Parties creates memorable celebrations, and the heart of our business is our message to Celebrate Today. It’s about finding the celebration in everything, even the mundane. It’s a reminder to live in the present and embrace every moment. It’s a mentality, a lifestyle – and within your grasp.

In this series for Vend Raleigh we’ll share inspired tips for the busy Mompreneur – suggestions to make life easier, lighten your mood and uncover more joy. Ready to unleash your full potential? Let’s make every day a celebration!

Mompreneur Tips to Celebrate Today:

Chapter 1: The Extraordinary Ordinary

Chapter 2: Priority Check

Chapter 3: Voice to Choice  

Our responsibilities are here to stay. Why not embrace them? It’s in our control to change the way we think about our responsibilities, and when we succeed, they take on new meaning. Instead of a burden, everyday duties translate into CHOICES. And our choices matter.

How we spend our time is a reflection of who we are, and we’re PROUD of who we are. We make the CHOICE to do what needs to be done. It’s high time we gave ourselves credit for these sound, albeit mundane decisions. High fives for clean dishes. And toilets! Pats on the back for dinner served!! Victory dances for tackling the laundry mountain!!!

And the applause goes well beyond chores and the kitchen; we deserve praise for ALL our good choices. Let it come from within. And let it be a celebration of SATISFACTION and SELF-WORTH when we choose to read with our child at bedtime – put down our phone to look at and listen to our loved one – successfully stick to our work schedule – record the minutes for the reading log – plan a date night with our spouse – call our grandmother – clip that coupon, cut that box top – keep our temper… 

…and all the thousand other moral choices we make daily that give meaning to our lives.

This may not be a natural feeling, to build yourself up over seemingly insignificant tasks. Here are three tips to kick-start your shift in thinking about your responsibilities as choices, and learning how to celebrate them.   

1. Try pairing otherwise dreaded or everyday tasks with a valued result.

What positive differences do YOUR everyday choices make? Use this strategy in the moment and say it out loud. Yes, talk to yourself. Self-affirmations may feel a little goofy at first, but you’ll be surprised how they foster positivity so effectively. Here are some of our examples, honest and straight from our lives. 

Because I did the dishes tonight … I will feel less frazzled (and be a happier mommy) in the morning.

Because I planned our family’s weekly meals on Sunday … my trip to the grocery store with two kids will be easier, organized and even FUN. Weeknights will follow suit.

Because I resisted an impulse buy and stuck to the family budget … I have PROOF that I CAN exercise self-control. This awareness will empower me in future situations.

Because I took a shower and took 20 minutes to put together “a look” … I feel more confident and better all-around.

Because I chose to play a game with my son … we had 30 minutes of quality time to connect and laugh together, strengthening our bond.

2. Pamper yourself with what rejuvenates you.

For us, it’s Casey’s Mocha at Grounds, ideally paired with 3 hours to ourselves and a great book. For you, it’s whatever recharges you, making you a happier person as a result. Plan, even schedule this reward on the calendar so that you can look forward to it. (Deciding on a whim to treat yourself is perfectly wonderful, too.)

Try not to see this action as a reward, per say, but rather as a means of taking care of yourself because you are worth it.

3. Consider your thankfulness daily.

All Wrapped Up Parties-Gratitude-Form

This can take many forms, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. The point is to deliberately think about, express or record something for which you are grateful every day. Our Gratitude Form is a great start; keep it someplace visible! Whether it take the form of a journal, quiet reflection or prayer, social media posts or dinner conversation – this exercise helps you to understand the connection between your everyday choices and the beauty and joy in your life.

Your Choices Matter | Self-worth is an inside job. Dig in, because YOU are worth celebrating.

As a Mompreneur, your unique skill-set and abilities set you apart. Not everyone can do what we do. It takes something special to take that leap into the great Biz Unknown. It takes a powerful combination of traits: creativity, confidence, dedication, tenacity and perseverance. Girl, you’ve got mad skillz and you’ve only scratched the surface! The best is yet to come, because did you know? You also possess the remarkable talent to Celebrate Today. Cheers – to YOU!


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