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Vend Raleigh’s annual Illuminate conference is on Friday, September 13, 2013. Not only is Illuminate about small business education, it is about connecting with other Mompreneurs to create a community for you to grow with both personally and professionally. Irene Gouge, Pediatric Sleep Consultant and founder of Loving Lessons, has organized opportunities for us to connect and network beyond the morning of the Illuminate conference.  If you are participating in Illuminate, we have dinner Thursday evening and two lunches Friday after the conference hosted by Illuminate committee members scheduled.  Excited about creating new contacts and developing relationships?  This is for you!

Irene has a true passion for Mompreneurs and her excitement for Illuminate is contagious!  When she shared the Illuminate dinner idea with the committee these were her thoughts, “Recently I attended [a] conference that had dinners before and after the event. It was awesome.  The conference was great, but the dinners I attended really helped me learn about additional resources and real strategies that other entrepreneurs are using.  It allowed me to get to know the speakers in a more intimate setting and be able to ask them my personal questions about my business.  And the easiest way to start and build a relationship is to do it over some good food of course.”

The Illuminate dinner and lunches are free to attend, but you are required to pay for your own drinks and meals. You must reserve your free attendance ticket through Eventbrite (the links are below). Should you need to change you RSVP after you have reserved a space, please contact Irene as soon as possible at so that we may offer your seat to someone else.

I have my ticket to Illuminate.  Do I need another ticket to attend a dinner or lunch?
Yes. These restaurant events are in addition to Illuminate.  Your Illuminate ticket is for the conference the morning of September 13th and reserves a space for you the day of the event at the Holly Springs Cultural Center. The dinner and lunches are just another opportunity to connect with other Raleigh area Mompreneurs in addition to the conference. You must register through Eventbrite in advance to attend as there is limited space reserved at each restaurant. 

My schedule doesn’t allow for me to attend a dinner or lunch.  Will I be missing part of Illuminate?
No.  The dinner and lunches are ways to connect you with other Mompreners or maybe to a committee member that you’d like to talk with more in depth.  All the small business education that Illuminate promises to deliver will be the morning of the conference.

(Feel free to post any other questions in the comment section below.)

Click on the links below to get more information about the committee host, speakers that may be attending and restaurant details.

Pre-Conference Dinner at Enrigos’ with Kelly Phillips

Post Conference Lunch at D’Andrea’s Deli, Bakery with Michelle Bertoncino, Emily Brennan & Nikol Murphy

Post Conference Lunch at Los Tres Magueyes with Gaye Esser, Lori Aveni, & Jennifer Quintero

Don’t wait, get your ticket for Illuminate now!  Be sure to check out all of our sponsors and featured speakers for this year’s event.  Do you need child care to attend?  We are partnering with two drop off child care centers.  Check out details here in last week’s Vend Raleigh email here! (*Vend Raleigh is not responsible for child care. Parents are under contract with child care centers solely.)

See you soon!

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  1. I just registered for the dinner at Enrigo’s. on the right it said it was in Fort Wayne IN…. I’m hoping that’s wrong 😉 looking forward to it!

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