Outsourcing Suggestions for Mompreneurs


Be True Image Design, Raleigh Photography When you think of the term “outsourcing,” what comes to mind? Perhaps a heavily accented voice on a bad telephone connection? Outsourcing isn’t limited to big companies who hire foreign contractors to staff their call centers. Every small business owner – including you – can benefit from some extra assistance.

For many mompreneurs, outsourcing means staying at the top of their game professionally, while also enjoying a life outside of their business. And while we are all passionate about our work, taking time away from it always fuels our creativity and energy in meaningful ways.

As with many business decisions, starting small can still have big impact. Consider some of the following ways to get more time back in your day without the fear of relinquishing too much control.

Housekeeping and yardwork. I mean, hello!

Delivery services
There are lots of services popping up these days that will deliver farm fresh produce right to your door every week. Also, check out Amazon.com’s “subscribe and save” program, which delivers diapers, toilet paper, vitamins, and more automatically every month.

Even if you can’t afford daycare or other childcare services, consider having a teenage neighbor come by to play with your kids for an hour or two while you work. That’s productivity and peace of mind rolled into one. 

Virtual assistant
A VA can take many mind-numbing administrative tasks off your plate, freeing you up to focus your creative genius elsewhere. VAs can also help with more personal services as well, such as scheduling appointments, making travel plans, or even doing home repair research.

Someone like fellow Vend Raleigh mompreneur Lori Aveni of My Shoebox Bookkeeper can step in and take over tracking your monthly receipts, tally up your quarterly sales tax remittance, and more. Hire out these mundane tasks, and instead, spend your time being creative and productive elsewhere in your business.

Be careful though. You don’t want to outsource things that only you can do. As a small business owner, you are your company’s voice. While it would be a great time-saver to hire out your social media presence, for example, no one can quite communicate the unique story of your business as well as you. Whether it’s the design of your product, the personal touch in your customer service, or the tone of your marketing, your business has been built on the personal brand you have brought to it.

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Mom Owned Business, Raleigh Family PhtotgrapherChristy Johnson has two amazing little girls and a rock of a handsome hubby. She photographs Raleigh’s most adorable families and blogs her photography work and personal stories at Be True Image Design. Email her with your own struggles and triumphs with work/life balance at christy@betrueimagedesign.com.





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  1. Thanks, Christy! I’ll definitely keep this list and use it once I become a busy mom in the future. I just wonder, how does it feel to become a mom and an entrepreneur at the same time? Do you think you can do it without outsourcing?

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