Is Your Attention To Detail Holding Your Business Back?

There are some things that I encourage new business owners to go ahead and get done.  For instance, create your Facebook page and get it out there, tweak as you go.  Websites are always a work in progress, introduce one as soon as possible.  Be quick to start connecting with people and creating an audience for your brand.  But there are some things that do require time, specifically when it comes to the quality of your product.  


As business owners we often here, “You should do this…”.  I feel pressure by those words.  My clients are wanting more of my brand, they are asking for it!  (Breathe.)  

With my t-shirt line Stay at Home Rock Star™ I get many suggestions from fans on current and future products.  I’m in constant check of what I want my brand to look like.  I’ll be honest, I get hung up on newness.  I take my time.  All things have to fall right into place for me to move on a new product.  

I just introduced a new Stay at Home Rock Star™ Rocky Hoodie.  Doesn’t sound scary does it?  But it kind of was!  I had a sample hoodie made up before and didn’t like the style, the zipper or anything about it really.  So I held out…for nearly 2 years.  I’m never going to sell a product to a friend that I don’t love.  Then the “time” finally came.  And by “time” I mean time to think about inventory, time to research, and time to test a product.  I’ve set up a presale right in time for Christmas, perfect for my fans and for my inventory concerns.

I recently met my favorite hoodie.  We are together forever, literally.  When I see you at Target, I’ll probably be wearing it.  It’s soft, super warm, fabulously trendy, with well functioning and pretty zipper, I might add.  I love it.  I bought it.  I sell it.

What details of your business to you get hung up on?  Is your attention to detail holding your business back or should that detail require your attention?

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  1. Great post Cary! I always catch myself over-thinking things. I can make the simplest thing incredibly complicated in the space of 10 minutes.

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