Moment of Clarity, Corporate Career to Full Time at Home Self-Employment

I worked in Corporate America for over 23 years.  I successfully climbed the corporate ladder.  I never thought much about family when I was climbing the ladder, but about 7 years ago, I decided I wanted to have a baby.  So at the age of 38 I was very blessed with a baby girl on Christmas Eve 2007.  I was still in the corporate world so I had to drop my daughter off at daycare after only 12 weeks of maternity leave; I think that did it for me.  I changed jobs (still in corporate world) because I thought that would create more time with my family, but that only proved to be more of a challenge.   I had a moment of clarity when I realized that I do love to work, but I knew there had to be a better way to balance it all.  That is when I met a Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source.  I went through the process with him and at the end found out that working for myself was the direction for me. 

I always had the entrepreneur spirit, but never had enough faith that I could make it without a full time job.  I started two part time businesses, while working full time.  One business was a vending machine model that I managed on my own and the other an internet based model that I tried with a business partner.  I learned a lot from those business models, but realized in order to live up to my ILWE (Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity), I was going to have to make a full time commitment to my own business.   
I took the leap of faith, that all entrepreneurs take, and I am now a very proud business owner.  I became a part of The Entrepreneur’s Source team.  I now coach people by helping them to look at their ILWE and see if self-employment is a good fit for them.  It is rewarding and exciting to help others have their moment of clarity.

I remember the first day that I was in my home office, my daughter came running up stairs put her arms around my neck and said, “Mommy you are home-you are really really here!”  If I had any fear or doubt that I made the right life decision it was gone at that very moment.  I have finally found the life balance I was missing.  

Rachel Cox
E-Source Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source
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