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You Hold The Key To My Heart

Karen Campbell of Cool Mama Crafts facebook, vend raleigh 
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Pages from a book torn and layed on top of a canvas. Vend Raleigh, Cool Mama CraftsTo make this Valentine’s Keepsake, begin with any substrate of your choice.  A canvas or canvas panel works well but wood, cardboard or even plastic would work.  Use copious amounts of Mod Podge Matte to glue ripped up pages from books, wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper or even journal pages onto your substrate. 


Cool Mama crafting a Valentines gift, Vend Raleigh


While this is drying, cut out a heart shape from a card board box and paint red. When both red heart and canvas papers have mostly dried you can use Distress Stain by Ranger in Vintage Photo to distress the outer edges of each.  After that dries, follow by wiping black ink on the same areas to really give it an aged look!


Cool Mama Valentine craft for Vend Raleigh

You Hold the Key To My Heart | DIY Valentine Gift


Use a glue gun to attach the heart to the canvas and then a keyhole from Jim Holt’s Idea-ology line (available at craft stores).  Using letter stamps, stamp “You hold the key to my” in your desired position and attach a burlap strap for hanging and you are done!










Chocolate Strawberry Kid-tinis 

Alicia Frazee of the teal magnolia facebook, vend raleigh
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Kidtini DIY Valentines Raleigh You'll need:
1 c. chocolate chips
clear cocktail cups 
chocolate flakes or sprinkles 
cocktail straws or stirrers
strawberry milk 

Melt the chocolate chips in a wide, shallow bowl that will fit the top of your cups. Drizzle some chocolate inside the cups – I used a zip-lock bag with the corner cut off as a piping bag, but you can use a spoon. {side note: I tried this with chocolate syrup, and it dissolved when I put in the strawberry milk – this way keeps the design}. Let the cups set up in the refrigerator. After they set, dip the edges of the cups in the chocolate(you might have to warm it up again) and dip it into chocolate flakes, like you’d salt a margarita glass. Since I had chocolate left, I dipped the tops of some marshmallows in it. Once the chocolate is set up, skewer a strawberry onto a cocktail straw and top with one of the dipped marshmallows. Fill the cups with strawberry milk, and garnish with the straws.  You can prep the cups and marshmallows a day or two ahead. For a more grown-up version, you can switch out the strawberry milk for khalua and cream, a white russian or Irish coffee. 


Valentine Heart Hot & Cold Pads

Sharyn Arai of K’s Closet Custom Boutique facebook, vend raleigh
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Raleigh Valentine's DIY GiftsSupplies needed:
Needle & Thread
Start by drawing a heart on your paper that’s approximately the size and shape you want your final product to be. Cut around it, allowing yourself a seam allowance. I usually give myself 1/4″. Then use the pattern you’ve created to cut two hearts out of your fabric. Align them right sides together and stitch along the outside, leaving a 1 1/2″ to 2″ gap at the straightest part for turning. Using your scissors, you want to cut lines into the allowance around the curved edges, which will allow your curve to lay properly when turned. Be very careful not to cut into your seams! Turn your heart right side out and use the back of your pen to poke out the curves and corner. Using your funnel, fill your heart with rice or flax seeds. Then hand stitch the opening closed. That’s it! Easy peasy Valentine’s Day favors for the classmates.
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