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You are a member of the most unique Raleigh Business Directory- the best collection of Mom-owned businesses! I consider you a business partner and want you to have great success with your directory listing. This week we are going to go step by step and create a listing that Works for You!  Here are 5 basic tips to get you started…

Raleigh Small Business Directory, Raleigh Small Business WomenGrab Your Badge– When you sign into your Directory account, the Vend Raleigh Directory badge is right there in the dashboard for you to download.  Put that image on your website, either on your sidebar or on your About page, and link it to your Vend Raleigh listing.  This quality backlink will increase SEO for both of us!

Know Your Audience– Not only is the Directory a referral system within Vend Raleigh (near 1500 local moms), it  has a public URL (website address) and is promoted frequently. Your listing should speak to fellow Mompreneurs and future clients outside our group.  What can you offer the Vend Mompreneur and what can you offer a new client? Ex., A professional photographer might promote professional head shots for Mompreneurs but also family photography for new clients.

Testimonies– Use past reviews or have customers write up a short testimony about your product or service and post the in your listing. Let your clients tell us why you are the best at what you do!

Events Calendar– The Vend Raleigh Directory has an events calendar that you as a Directory member are free to use.  Post any public events such as; speaking engagements, trunk shows and vendor fairs! Let the public know where you will be and what you are doing, and remember, other Vend Mompreneurs might be at the event and want to meet you!

Images– You are allowed up to 10 images (less than 1 MB each, please). Brand your listing with images and make your listing POP!

More tips coming all this week!  Be sure to check out the Vend Raleigh channel on YouTube for some extra tips! 

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