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Hey y’all!  My name is Lindsey and I’m going to take you behind the scene’s today and show off my office space.  It’s where I take care of all the day-to-day business of running a household and my business, Piecefully Home

We bought our 1972 brick ranch home 6 years ago with the dreams of turning the older home into our forever home.  We loved the large tree filled yard, quiet neighborhood, and the large windows that lined the front of the home.  The inside, well, let’s just say it left a lot to be desired!  Last year, we finally were able to accomplish a major renovation to the core of our home.  We knocked down walls, tore up floors, and completely gutted our kitchen.  In addition to creating a more useful and beautiful kitchen and living space, we were also able to turn our dining room into an office by closing up one of the doorways.  If you ever want to know how to survive without a kitchen, or whether your family can live solely in their bedrooms for 4 months, then I’m your girl!  But, that’s a talk for another day.  Today,, I’m going to show you my office that I share with my husband.  So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this little peak into my life.

Piecefully Home, Raleigh Etsy ShopWe share an office and yes, it does create some challenges.  Bless his heart, my husband doesn’t complain about having to move stacks of fabric off his keyboard, or that I take up most of the office with my stuff.  For him, I didn’t make it quite as girly as I wanted and I do have to stop sewing if he’s on a call or needs to concentrate.  I get a little frustrated when I see his piles of paper stacking up or when the dishes he uses stay in the office for more than a day.  However, it’s so nice to look up from my laptop and see his handsome face.  I like showing off something I just made to him.  We can share funny stories from our day or tidbits about our neighbors or his co-workers (it’s not gossiping if you only tell your spouse!).  I’m glad that we are not off in our separate corners of our home where we wouldn’t talk as often.  He is my best friend and favorite person and I love spending time with him. Compromise, sharing, and putting the other person first…isn’t that what a marriage is all about anyways? 

Piecefully Home, Raleigh Etsy ShopIf you’re expecting a picture perfect, Pinterest-worthy office, I’m sorry to say I will disappoint you.  I live a real life, with real kids, a real budget, and not a lot of free time.  I imagine many of you can relate.  (At least I hope so; otherwise I will feel like a slacker!)   Even though it’s been since October that the office was finished, the decorating of the office is far from being complete.  I can be very patient and prefer to wait until I find what I’m looking for.  I don’t want to spend money on something I only sort of like.  Until then, I make do with what I have.  That will explain the mismatched furniture and empty walls!

Piecefully Home, Raleigh Etsy ShopI did score a fantastic Craigslist find in these two bookshelves.  They are huge and perfect for the space.  They were two different colors when I bought them, so I painted them light gray.  Eventually all the other furniture will match this color.    I’ll paint them when I have time…ahem.   The right bookshelf contains a small portion of my books.  They are the ones I don’t mind people knowing I read.  The baskets below contain shipping materials.  Further down are my sewing books, patterns, and other random items.  The left bookshelf holds my fabric.  I searched low and high for metal baskets to hold all my scraps.  I tried making baskets out of wire metal mesh fabric.  Look it up on Pinterest.  Do not try that at home, unless you have the patience of a saint and will actually file down all the sharp edges.  They were a total Pinterest fail!  I cut myself nearly every time I reached into the baskets to grab a scrap of fabric.  I finally found the baskets I have now at a great price.  I stalked the Walmart until I finally found enough.   They are metal with a liner and a cute little chalkboard label.  Less than $8 each!  (I normally loathe going into Walmart, but come on they were less than $8!). 

Piecefully Home, Raleigh Etsy ShopI do have a new chair coming soon from Amazon.   Next time I will think twice before buying the $1.75 chair at the Goodwill.  It’s a sweet little white banker’s chair.  It swivels, it’s pretty, and it will hopefully not squeak, squeak, and squeak every time I move.  The rugs came from Target.  I just made the curtains.  I love them! This dresser holds the printer and the drawers hold all my paper supplies.  I did give my husband one drawer (He’s such a saint to put up with me and my stuff!).

 Piecefully Home, Raleigh Etsy ShopThe bookshelf holds some of our children’s books and their art supplies.  It wasn’t my plan to have to share a part of the room with our kids, but we really have a small home for five people.  We’ve learned to utilize every corner of our home.  Plus, I think it’s important to know that they are welcome to come in there and hang out with me when I’m creating as I want to foster their own creativity.    A little side note on that bamboo plant…We were given one of those tiny lucky bamboo plants as a housewarming gift from the people we bought our first home from 11 years ago.  I haven’t killed it yet! 

I hope you enjoyed a little tour of where I create!  It was fun showing you around and I loved having a reason to clean up the office. 


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