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Raleigh Small Business WorkspacesRecently we asked Vend Raleigh Mompreneurs to take us behind the scenes into their workspaces. We got a glimpse into several Mompreneurs’ offices and studios. Each style is so different. They’ve given us a verbal tour to go with their images.








Cottage Revivals

I am crafter, re-purposer, and thrifter. I have a booth at KnB Marketplace (120 Raleigh St) in FV. I personally love my work space. It’s is a small room off of our bonus room in my home. I have gathered most of my furniture from buy sell trade sites, thrift shops and yard sales. But that is what I love the most. Each piece is functional but also close to my heart.  I have a bookcase that keeps my design and craft books, and also a bit of fun “me” décor. I re-purposed an old dresser to keep my fabric in. The top holds all of my supplies that I use every day, for an easy grab. I have an old computer desk that I use as a sewing table, a comfy chair to rest and gather my thoughts in, and plastic organizers for all my odds ‘n’ ends, ribbons, etc. I have found that adding a bit of décor and a splash of “me” makes for a fun and welcoming work environment that I enjoy going to!

Becky Wilcox, Cottage Revivals Booth #535 at KnB Marketplace


Alexis Jane DesignsI began freelancing from my couch in 2004. Two children and a small business later, it was time for my own space. I needed to be close to my children, yet able to close doors and block out distraction. Solution: I carved out a closet in our TV room. It is 72″ wide x 52″ deep. It is perfect. I can push my monitor to the side for work space and I have storage for supplies. The file drawers mostly house art supplies. The smaller drawers hold CD’s, cords, a scanner and office supplies. And, the bulletin board keeps contacts and inspiration visible. I am excited to see the space continue to evolve as Alexis Jane Design begins.

Alexis Jane Hetrick, Alexis Jane Design
Vend Raleigh Directory Member


Cool Mama Crafts

My studio serves as a supply center, work space, play spot, teaching nook and inspiration station, all crammed into one rectangle of awesomeness. The lower guest room in my house serves as a perfect place to run my business. Students of all ages come and find all sorts of inspiration amongst the supplies, artwork and books at their fingertips. When I am not teaching I use this space to work on custom projects and take on line classes of my own!

Karen Campbell, Cool Mama CraftsVend Raleigh Directory Member


Make It Your Own Boutique

My working studio boutique is a dream come true! Super sunny, spacious and well organized.  All my stash fills drawers, shelves and a storage room. Upon entering, there is a showcase for all the items I make for sale.  I no longer have to do art fairs, haul furniture for set up, etc.  I sew purses, scarves and wristlets that I create on my large cutting counter. I also teach beginning sewing lessons and shorten blue jeans.  Daily visitors are in awe of all the exciting art and treasures I have thrifted that adorn my creative space.  There is room for a couple more artists to join me in this great downtown Apex boutique. 

Julie Majkowski, Make It Your Own BoutiqueVend Raleigh Directory Member


Jess Rotenberg Photography, Raleigh Photographer

For months on end, our formal dining room was rendered completely useless by my piles of crafting supplies. That is, until I got pregnant and had the unstoppable urge to organize everything in sight. The first problem was, I didn’t have anywhere to put my dream craft space. I felt like our guest room was more suited to a nursery than a craft room (your welcome son). The second problem was that each adorable Pinterest-inspired craft area was much, much larger than this. With an Ikea only a few hours away, it was feasible to start my search for furniture there and attempt a true DIY project. Here is the finished product.

Jess Rotenberg, Jess Rotenberg PhotographyVend Raleigh Directory Member


I love seeing where your creativity plays out, Mompreneurs! Your images bring much personality to your brand! Just today a friend told me that she found an image of one of our Vend Raleigh Mompreneurs’ offices on Pinterest which inspired her to create her own workspace- duplicating it down to the very same Ikea furniture. Not only is this fun and interesting to see behind the scenes for your co-Mompreneurs, I’m sure your clients would love a behind the scenes post from you as well.

Here’s to cheerful and exciting workspaces! 

Cary Heise, Raleigh Small BusinessCary Heise
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