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I was talking about marketing online or ‘online presence’ with another Vend Mompreneur yesterday and here are some things I pulled away that might help you have a better idea for your style of marketing.

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The title for this image is as funny as the image- Two women friends browsing on the internet and doing social networking using a laptop.

She said: Facebook is going to just take away all visibility!

I said: Maybe. But they haven’t yet. And you haven’t posted in two weeks!

For you: Everyone is scared of Facebook pulling the plug on small business pages, but they haven’t yet! If your sales demographic is still on Facebook, you should be too, and you should have a fresh page! There is a transition happening here and I’d like for Vend Mompreneurs to think of this phase as a head start! You have time to think about what other social media platforms your demographic is on, define your ideal marketing style and PLAN for your next online marketing step. 



She said: I should be on Pinterest! But I love Twitter. 

I said: Pinterest would be great for your business! But if you are on Twitter and love it, get a business account!

For you: If you love and use a particular social media platform personally, use it to market your biz! You are already there! You like it and know it! You must be interacting with someone there already! You should be using social media platforms that you “love”, not because you “know you should be there”. Your enjoyment will keep you motivated and creative, it won’t be “part of the job”. Your followers will feel that positive energy! 

She said: I don’t know I should really be using hashtags!

I said: Hashtags are a #realthing, not just for techy humor!

For you: Hashtags are a search tool to find keywords on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and more! See what’s trending and use a popular hashtag to join the conversation- create buzz for your account and gain new followers! Use hashtagged words to market your product. If baby blankets is what you sell, use the occasional hashtagged keywords such as #babyblankets, #babies, #babygift, #babygifts, #babyshower, #newmom, #newbaby, etc. (Hot Instagram tip from Leigh Hines: you can go back and hashtag dated Instagram photos!)

She said: If I’m on top of my game with my website’s SEO, I get a crazy amount of business!

I said: Then stick with that! Don’t clutter your work week with social media time if simple good SEO works for you!

For you: Work smart, not hard. It’s good (and should be fun) to have other avenues to market your business, but if you have found what works- what is profitable your business- stay focused on that!

She said: I could go after the high end market, but they are often more difficult to work with.

I said: You are a smart business owner. That’s good that you know that.

For you: If this business owner knows that selling a higher end product will require more costumer service, she has to ask her self if she wants to spend more time in customer care or does she wants less interaction with customers and want to spend more time producing? You can offer a high end product or service and spend more time on each order/client or you can sell a low end or middle of the road priced product or service and produce more, turn and burn.

What are your questions about online marketing? 

I’d love to sit with you and talk about your online presence

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  1. Great article, as always, Cary! Social media is definitely a tricky beast. Personally I love Facebook. I’m trying to get into twitter and Google+, as well as working on Pinterest and Instagram. I’m struggling to get interaction/followers on the other social media venues, my Facebook fans increased fairly quickly. Perhaps slow and steady is just the way it goes!

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