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This silly commercial is the best example to business owners of what small business marketing should be. Take a quick look and then come back to me!



So, is telling you, they have an app. You aren’t going to need it everyday. But when you DO get lucky, er, I mean, need a hotel room, we have an easy way for you to get a reservation!

That’s what marketing is, a “we’ll be around when you need us”.

You might not NEED a Stay at Home Rock Star t-shirt right now, because you have one and you don’t need a gift for a Rock Star Mom friend right now, but you know when you need an awesome gift for a mom friend, I’ll be there. You know this because I’m invested in a relationship with you by talking with you online, making you laugh, and hopefully hanging around in your Facebook and Twitter news feed and in the back of your mind when you do need a gift, or another shirt, or a decal for your hot new minivan.

That’s what marketing is, a constant (but relatable and appropriate- not spammy) reminder, consistent visibility for your brand!

I don’t NEED a new website, but I follow Kelly Phillips at Boost Interactive Media because I can relate to her as a WordPress expert and I use WP, and she’s knowledgable, so I keep up with her posts.  And when I do need a new website or help with web design, I’ll call on her. Or let’s take Michelle Bertoncino of Five Bees, I don’t NEED an adorable custom made doll right now, but because she makes it fun and interesting to follow her online, when I DO need a special gift for a young girl, I know just where to go!

How can you be a little more “Captain Obvious” with your marketing plan?

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