Selling My LLC, Stay at Home Rock Star

When I decided to close shop at Stay at Home Rock Star I was approached by a couple women to buy the business. I hadn’t even really considered that. The brand was my baby and the online community was largely a following of me, my rock star mom life (or mostly not so rock star life). But Michelle Bertoncino was onn of the women that contacted and me and right away I knew she was the one to take my brand baby.

Raleigh Small Business Woman, Michelle BertoncinoMichelle is owner of Five Bees, leader of the Vend Raleigh Etsy Shop Owners Facebook group, organizer of Vend Raleigh vendor events such as the Holiday Sip and Shop, long time member of Vend Raleigh and past Illuminate committee member. She and I work have worked closely for years now and I know her heart to serve other women and her work ethic is impressive.

Just when I thought I’ve learned everything about business, I get this opportunity to sell my LLC and experience this whole other side of business!

Going in was a little scary. We’ve all been there right? Opening the business was scary, but we learned so much! So, feet first! Here are some the steps that were taken to sell the business and of course I’m all the wiser for going through the process.


  • Hiring an attorney for the sales contract ($500)
  • Working with attorney on the business value
  • Negotiating a rate with my buyer including inventory
  • Amending my LLC name with the state ($50)
  • Updating my EIN number
  • Updating the my Sales and Use Tax ID with my new LLC name
  • Transferring the online shopping cart, Facebook page and .com

The process went very smoothly. It took some time on the phone and a couple days to get paperwork back from the state, and after a couple weeks all items were taken care of.

Michelle is now the proud owner of Stay at Home Rock Star, follow her on Facebook. She’s been to market in Atlanta already looking for new items. I’ve given her feedback on products clients have been asking for to set her up for even more success. I’m excited to see her new line- tanks, pink tees and more!


Selling My LLC


I’m excited to announce my LLC is now Cary Heise Media LLC which covers all of Vend Raleigh and business coaching. I’d love to talk about your business with you! If you are looking to improve your social media presence or need some referrals to grow your business, I’d love to meet with you.


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  1. This is a great article, Cary! After all, I think many of us wouldn’t even think that selling and getting some money for the work we’ve put into our brand is a possibility! But it is nice to know that if and when the time comes to ‘call it quits’ that it may not mean that you just have to close it all down.

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