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Creating Product DescriptionsYou have a product to sell, whether it’s physical or digital, but so many others do too. Sure you have beautiful photos of your product but how would you describe it? How will you stand out?

What is a product description?

A product description is a detailed description of your product that describes the benefits and tells a story.


Why do I need product descriptions?

Beautiful photos of your product may draw a customer in, but visuals alone won’t cut it. Written product details that engage emotions can be the difference between turning a browser into a buyer.


Easy tips to write great product descriptions

List the Features
Create a list of features then translate them into benefits. Make sure your customer knows what’s in it for them and how your product will improve their life. Also turn some of these benefits into bullets for easy scanning or if they are in a hurry.


Know your voice
How do  you want your product and business be perceived? Carry over the voice of your business and the type of audience you’re talking to into your product description to keep marketing consistent.


Be sure to check your stats for keywords so you know how potential customers find your product. If no one uses a keyword you’ve used, it’s time to change it. Tweak your description monthly to make it more Google-friendly from this and make it easier for people to find you.



You  spent time and care to create a quality product, be sure that comes through in your product description writing as well. Proofread out loud, check for punctuation and clarity. Having another set of eye to look over your product description can also help tighten your writing. Don’t forget that your writing style is consistent as well.

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