Small Business Optin Ideas

Small Business Opt-in Ideas

Small Business Optin Ideas Opt-ins.

You know you need one but maybe you haven’t had time to get around setting it up. Maybe you have a newsletter, but haven’t gotten around to offering a free bonus.

Are Opt-ins worth it?

Let me break it down.

What is an Opt-in?

In case you are getting started or don’t have an opt-in yet, an opt-in is a Free bonus you offer in exchange for someone’s email for your newsletter.

Why do I need opt-ins?

Once signed up, your list gives you a controlled environment to reach out and engage with your audience and puts your products and services in front of more potential clients and customers.

Ultimately, an opt-in is important because it attracts more clients and make more money by getting info to enthusiastic masses. You’re also giving something of value in exchange for personal information, the email address.

Opt-ins helps weed out the wrong clients and gives potential clients a sample of the value you can bring them before they make an investment.

Easy tips to create an opt in

An opt-in doesn’t necessarily have to be some time-consuming item. It can be small but highly valuable –  like a coupon, pdf, ebook, video etc.

Be sure to give them value, that can change their life immediately, somehow. It’s important to give before asking to buy. For example, for my first opt-in Bonus, I created three templates that help organize your day and week and turned these into .pdf files.

For example, I use Mailchimp. I setup my opt-in so readers get instant access to my templates.

These are the steps I took to embed my templates:

  1. Reader confirms they signed up to my newsletter
  2. Wrote a Thank you paragraph for joining and reiterate what they will receive besides the download
  3. Upload files into the “Files” section
  4. Add text or a photo for the reader to redirect them to the download links
  5. Copy/Paste the file code link into the above text
  6. Save and Wha la!

See, it’s easy, and absolutely worth it to begin, and continue building, your readers and client base.

I’d love to hear from you, small business owners! Please share what type of Bonus you offer or plan to offer with your opt-in.


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  1. By far the most to-the-point and helpful tips on opt-in’s I have read!

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