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Speed Networking Event

Raleigh Small Business WomenReady to jump start your networking?

September 9, 2015, Doors open at 7:15pm, we’ll begin at 7:30pm. Don’t be late!
Halle Cultural Arts Center, Downtown Apex

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What to Expect:

  • The number of participants will determine how many connections you make with a reasonable amount of time for each meeting. (Reasonable meaning around 2-3 mins each.)
  • Come prepared with an ‘Elevator Speech’. (Not to worry, this won’t be in front of the entire room. This will be given one on one.) Considering time, prepare a quick intro by practicing a 30-45 second explanation of your service or product. What do you want a new contact to know about you and your business? Create interest.

    Here’s a fun and helpful video on Elevator Speeches…

  • Consider your goal or goals for this networking session (beyond new clients). Stay on point with that goal through the evening.
    Examples: Guest Bloggers, Business Collaborators, Vendor Event Connections, Community with Business Owners in Your Area of Expertise or Area of Wake County, Outsourcing, Discover People that Inspire You, Building Stronger a Community Online, etc.
  • We’ll have some questions for you to get warmed up, but come with your own questions. For example, take your top business struggle and ask other Mompreneurs for tips and advice.
  • Have a follow up plan for those contacts you find most valuable. We’ll help you with this, too. Who will you connect with after and how will you do it? Coffee, email, on Twitter? Meeting isn’t the goal of this networking event, creating business contacts long after is the goal.
  • Bring your business cards and have them ready when you are asked.


  • You’ll be given a hashtag after the event to use on FB, Twitter and Instagram to make reconnecting online after the event easy!
  • Continue connecting by joining us at Salem Street Pub for a glass of wine, sweet tea or bite to eat after our event.
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Special thank you to Jessica Rotenberg Photography for brainstorming this event with me!


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