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Top 5 List of Reasons You Want to Attend Illuminate | In Jessica Throneburg’s Words

‪#‎2015Illuminate‬ is coming up on October 2nd, and I’ve made a Top 5 List of Reasons You Want to Attend:

Jessica Throneburg Little Details Raleigh 1. If your kids aren’t in school, you really need a day to yourself to focus on your biz every once in a while. So hire a babysitter, drop the kids off at drop-in daycare or convince your spouse to work from home that day (I’m choosing the latter). And if you decide to pretend that our conference ran longer so you can get a mani/pedi afterwards, I promise not to tell!

2. A ticket discount is part of your perks as a Vend Raleigh Directory Member! Who doesn’t love a discount?! And if you’re a non-directory member, you’ll want to sign up soon, because prices are going up on September 2nd! Ticket prices not only include the conference, but also lunch from Sunflowers Cafe. Delish! P.S. You can write off your ticket price on your taxes since its considered professional development, and write off the gas it takes you to drive to and from the conference. ‪#‎themoreyouknow‬

3. ‪#‎FOMO‬ is real. (Fear of Missing Out) You don’t want to be the one who missed out on all of the info we’ll be learning in breakout sessions. The committee uses member feedback to determine the breakout session topics that will benefit YOUR business, so each year it’s something NEW!

4. See and be seen! When I think of Illuminate, I think of it as the “Super Bowl” of Vend Raleigh. Whether you’re new to the group or a seasoned pro, this is your chance to network with one of the largest groups of Vend Raleigh members at one time. And more importantly, it lets you connect with members from other groups (retailers, photographers, bloggers, etc). Looking to find a photographer to take product photos or want to connect with a retailer about wholesaling your products? This is the event for you!

5. The swag! Bring your business cards with you, because this bag is for real deal swag. My business, Little Details, is including a piece of jewelry in EVERY bag this year! Swag bags are the perfect way to market your business if done appropriately. And it only costs $15 to get your promo items in the hands of 120 Vend Raleigh members. Talk about a bang for your buck! As Vend Raleigh members, we are all more likely to support our fellow members rather than shopping at a big box store, so we’re your target demographic. This is the perfect opportunity to make a small sample of your work to put in each bag, or work with a promo company to your logo on something that a mom/business owner would use every day. The possibilities are endless!

I’ve attended Illuminate every year, and have served on the committee for the past two years. This is my personal list of reasons that I attend. I’ve learned a lot each year and enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I hope you’ll make it a point to prioritize your business on October 2nd and attend! And if you can’t be there, don’t miss out on the opportunity to advertise your business as a sponsor or swag bag participant! Learn more about the conference and how to be a sponsor or swag bag participant, visit the beautiful Illuminate website here.

Have another reason to attend? Feel free to add it below!


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  1. I’d add that Lara Casey is our keynote speaker with 8 other brilliant Raleigh area business leaders to present! Thank you Jessica!

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