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Sex, Pregnancy and Pastors. Yep. | Blog Round Up

If you’ve been to a Vend Raleigh “Mompreneurs” event, you understand our conversation is a slippery slope.  One minute we are talking about Google and the next, breastfeeding. If you don’t like it, then we aren’t the group for you.  We are a professional group, but we are also women and busy moms and we like the warm friendly mix on our conversation.  This week’s Vend Raleigh Blog Round Up features some interesting posts that also have a lot of value for you as a business owner.  Enjoy!


Raleigh Mommy Bloggers, Mom Blog Raleigh, Raleigh Blog

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Allison Carter of Go Dansker Mom just scored a spot on Felicity Huffman’s website What the Flicka. Congrats Allison! She goes into her new job strong with some tips for fitting S-E-X into your life (again). I love the boldness and personality behind this. Posts this personal should be rationed, but quite an attention getter when you do!



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Oh, Melissa Berg… You take my breath away. This amazing pregnancy image from Valentine’s week is amazing! This was a new shot for Melissa and I love how she explains how they got it and also how beautiful this expecting mom felt during the shoot! I love behind the scene posts (of all kinds) and I think most readers do. Give your readers some behind the scenes!


Raleigh Small Business, Raleigh Small Business Owners, Raleigh BlogSuzanne Miller of Love and Small Things says, “My colleagues and friends at The Young Clergy Women Project (TYCWP) started a fun photo conversation this week about what a pastor looks like” using #thisiswhatapastorlookslike. What a great use of a hashtag to encourage and share!  I just LOVE this! What creative use of hashtags have you seen recently?


I’m so hoping these blog posts have inspired you to try something new with your blog!  If so, link your blog post below in the comments this week!

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