Video Marketing – It’s Fun and Easy!

How to use Video Marketing for your business written by Nikol Murphy

As I explained during my talk at Illuminate 2013, I find using Google+ Hangouts on Air and video easier and quicker to reach my audience with the message I want through video. Video marketing can be a fun, inexpensive and a super engaging way to market your business.

Here are some ways you can reach your audience with video:

 1. Introduction Video 

A quick video about who you are, why you are in the business you are in and how you can help the person watching. This video should be under 2 minutes long about 1 minute and 15 seconds would be great.

 2. Testimonial Videos

These are best captured right after an event you had or after a purchase. A local mortgage broker does a fabulous job with these videos. Right after a client signs and gets the keys to their house, he asks them to do a quick testimonial video. You can see the excitement and gratitude on their faces. These are usually under 30 seconds long.

3. Pre-launch Promotion Videos

Have a blog series coming out? An upcoming event? Is there a new line being released? Film yourself talking about how excited you are for the upcoming {insert situation here} listing the date, time and where they can get on the notification list so they do not miss out. This opportunity is not limited to one video. If you are planning long term, you can release one every month or even every week. Sometimes the day before!

4. Launch Day!

Did you just list a new product on Etsy? Launch a new coaching session? Did your Spring collection release today? Multiple opportunities here again! Make a video about the launch of your {insert situation here} Do you have someone that can also make a video about it? Co-organizers? A brave downline? A loyal customer? It really helps if you are with the person. Tell them what you are looking for. I recently took video footage after the Vend Newcomers Meeting and I instructed each person to say their name, business, state that they just attended the meeting and then what their thoughts were. Many of the people interviewed, were brand new to video and I think everyone knocked it out of the park!

5. Product Videos

In an ideal world, each product or service you sell would have a short video living on YouTube. Your face does not have to be on these, just great close up shots of the product with you listing, features, benefits, measurements and price.

 6. Establish Your Authority 

You are in the business you are in because you know your stuff! Show it off by having interviews with peers in your industry and people from an industry that compliments yours. Not only does this enable you to show off your knowledge, it helps prove that you are legitimate.

7. Helpful Tip Videos

Prefer to work alone? That’s okay, pick helpful topics and make videos about them. Do you sell 31 Gifts? Make videos about how you or your clients have used them to organize. Are you out and about and you are using your bag? Make a video with your phone from the park showing what you brought in the bag. You can also make videos about how to get started with your company. Disclaimer: If you work for a direct sales 



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