All Wrapped Up Parties _ CelebrateToday

Celebrate Today Series (Part 2)

All Wrapped Up Parties _ CelebrateToday

All Wrapped Up Parties creates memorable celebrations, and the heart of our business is our message to Celebrate Today. It’s about finding the celebration in everything, even the mundane. It’s a reminder to live in the present and embrace every moment. It’s a mentality, a lifestyle – and within your grasp.

In this series for Vend Raleigh we’ll share inspired tips for the busy Mompreneur – suggestions to make life easier, lighten your mood and uncover more joy. Ready to unleash your full potential? Let’s make every day a celebration!

Mompreneur Tips to Celebrate Today:

Chapter 1: The Extraordinary Ordinary

Chapter 2: Priority Check

So often we’re distracted from our efforts towards goals. Personal health may be a top priority, but we struggle to find time to exercise. Playing with our children is important to us, but dinner takes precedence most nights. We’re pulled in one direction and then another, over and over like clockwork. Yet, to make any headway against this constant tug of priorities, we have to know where to start. We have to ground ourselves, as often as we feel the struggle, in what really matters.

Here are five tips to help plant those feet where you want them:    

1. Record Your Priorities.

All Wrapped Up Parties _ Priorities-Form

Writing down your list of priorities is a valuable exercise. Use our Priority Organizer to help define your priorities clearly. Display your list in a visible location, where you can see it every day. (On the fridge or bathroom mirror are our top choices.) Refer to it often. When you’re feeling particularly strained by the pull of your unending responsibilities (like your limbs are about to be torn clean off your body!), find a quiet place and start fresh, recording a clean list of priorities.

2. Remember why you started your business.

What drove you to become a Mompreneur? Because our priorities are so closely linked to the reasons, it’s important to revisit this question often. Record your reasons on paper or in a recording. Share your thoughts with someone that cares about you, either in-person, on-line or in a good old-fashioned letter.       

3. Take some “Me Time.”

Jugglers that we are, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you’re anything like us, feeling out of control leads to grumpiness, and oftentimes anger. Especially in times like these, it’s always best to look inward and CARE for yourself. Even if it’s just 5 minutes, find value in spending time with YOURSELF. Mandate “Me Time” for the whole family! Making it a part of your family’s routine will help everyone feel happier and more centered.

4. H.A.L.T.

Stop yourself in your tracks with this powerful tool. A quick self-assessment addressing your basic needs may be just what you need. Are you: Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? You have the power to TAKE ACTION to help yourself. If you do, you’ll be better equipped to carry on with your day the positive way. 

5. UN-PLUG and do something you love.

We spend a large portion of our day staring at screens and otherwise “plugged in.” Our devices are addictive and the accessibility of the Internet makes “screen time” an ingrained part of our daily routine. Though useful, it’s sadly distracting and often all-consuming. UN-PLUG to gain perspective. Buy a watch so you’re not checking your phone for the time (and checking 10 other things in the process). Create rules and limits for yourself and your devices use (i.e.: no electronics at the dinner table).           

Priority Check | YOU are where the party’s at. YOU are worth celebrating.

As a Mompreneur, your unique skill-set and abilities set you apart. Not everyone can do what we do. It takes something special to take that leap into the great Biz Unknown. It takes a powerful combination of traits: creativity, confidence, dedication, tenacity and perseverance. Girl, you’ve got mad skillz and you’ve only scratched the surface! The best is yet to come, because did you know? You also possess the remarkable talent to Celebrate Today. Cheers – to YOU!


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