All Wrapped Up Parties _ CelebrateToday

Celebrate Today Series (Part 1)

All Wrapped Up Parties _ CelebrateToday

All Wrapped Up Parties creates memorable celebrations, and the heart of our business is our message to Celebrate Today. It’s about finding the celebration in everything, even the mundane. It’s a reminder to live in the present and embrace every moment. It’s a mentality, a lifestyle – and within your grasp.

In this series for Vend Raleigh we’ll share inspired tips for the busy Mompreneur – suggestions to make life easier, lighten your mood and uncover more joy. Ready to unleash your full potential? Let’s make every day a celebration!

Chapter 1: The Extraordinary Ordinary

Faith is defined as a firm belief in something for which there is no proof, and leap is defined as a choice made in an area of ultimate concern. A Leap of Faith. That’s the grounds on which many Mompreneurs begin their business. With unforeseen variables, we Mompreneurs DARE to put our passion to practice. We learn what we must to move forward the best way we know how. We put ourselves out there for all to see. How BOLD are WE? We. Are. EXTRAORDINARY!

But however exceptional we may be, there is one thing we can’t escape. STRESS is a result of small business owning that’s impossible to dodge. When we’re NOT working, we require a release from the pressure, or we’ll BLOW OUR TOP. (And watch out, because THAT isn’t pretty.)

We have a concept to relieve stress in which you will no doubt excel: Infuse your exceptional nature into your daily actions. In other words, turn the ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY. Armed with a positive attitude, EVERYTHING you have your hand in can be celebrated.

Grocery shopping with your children is the perfect example to explain our point. The opportunity for celebration in a trip to the market is endless.

  • Play a game of eye-spy as you move through each food section.
  • People watch. Compare, contrast, discuss individuality…
  • Have your child describe foods to you as you put them in the cart. Reinforce colors, shapes, letters, patterns and connections (“What does this banana remind you of?”).
  • “Don’t Step on the Lines” sets an ideal stage for a child’s imagination. So does offering a “setting” for the grocery store (“Ok, kids. We’re about to board a pirate ship.”).
  • Play with numbers and letters: explore the calculator, count, add or subtract items in the cart, spell cart items, sound out words, play “first letter” word game (pick a letter and go back and forth with food items beginning with that letter)…

You get the idea. ONE fun or unexpected activity is all it takes to transform a dull shopping trip, or ANY experience, into memories made. Here are five tips to make the most of your new and exciting adventures with The Extraordinary Ordinary. 

1. Make a list of WHERE and WHEN to find the extraordinary.

Give yourself a jumping off point. Jot a list of times during the day when you can deliberately make the most of that time. Your list might include:

  • Cooking & Mealtime
  • Individual Chores (room cleaning, bed making, vacuuming, etc.)
  • Group Chores (car washing, after-meal clean-up, yard work, etc.) 
  • Bathtime
  • Shopping

All Wrapped Up Parties _ CelebrateToday-Form

Using our Rating Organizer, record with your children what was effective and fun for everyone. You won’t want to forget!

2. Keep the idea simple.

Thinking simple and small pays off BIG with this concept. If you allow your ideas to become too complicated chances are you’ll become frustrated in the moment and your idea will be unmanageable and never happen – or flop.

3. Give your child the reigns.

Who says you have to come up with all the ideas? Enabling children to create and express their own ideas helps them feel ownership of the experience. Ask questions and have fun listening to your child’s unique thoughts. They’re more inclined to participate if they feel acknowledged.         

4. Have realistic expectations, or better yet, no expectations.

Don’t expect your child to go crazy for every idea you have to bring out the fun in the ordinary. And don’t expect to constantly maintain a positive attitude yourself! The value is in the attempt. Your and your child’s effort alone is cause for celebration.

5. Make it a habit.

To reap the benefits of The Extraordinary Ordinary, effort must be made CONSISTENTLY and DAILY. This is your best chance to form a habit. Making a DAILY, conscience attempt to have a positive attitude (particularly during trying times of the day) is a great way to ground yourself in this concept.    

Everyday Greatness | YOU can renew ANY ordinary experience into meaningful memories.  

As a Mompreneur, your unique skill-set and abilities set you apart. Not everyone can do what we do. It takes something special to take that leap into the great Biz Unknown. It takes a powerful combination of traits: creativity, confidence, dedication, tenacity and perseverance. Girl, you’ve got mad skillz and you’ve only scratched the surface! The best is yet to come, because did you know? You also possess the remarkable talent to Celebrate Today. Cheers – to YOU!


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