Corporate to Self Employment Coaching Sessions Raleigh

Corporate Job to Entrepreneur Coaching Sessions

I’ve had many of you come to me saying you wish you could leave your full time jobs, your 9-5 corporate positions, to live out the dream of working on your own businesses full time. What steps do you need to take? Is this a realistic goal for you? Beyond planning the process of exiting the corporate world, maybe what you need is support, encouragement and confidence to make this big life change. I’ve partnered with Coach Gaye Esser  of Redefine Balance and asked to her create a class just for Vend Raleigh to coach you to your dream worklife!  Here’s the info….


Entrepreneur Coaching Sessions in Raleigh

Entrepreneur Coaching Sessions in Raleigh

Corporate Job to Entrepreneur Coaching Sessions

What’s it all about? 

Have you ever thought about leaving your corporate job to become a full-time entrepreneur? 

If you are ready to turn your passion into your full-time job, this is the program for you!    






Join Gaye Esser of Redefine Balance as you: 

  • evaluate your career options
  • complete a cost/benefit analysis
  • work through your fears  
  • determine revenue quota necessary to succeed
  • define your best path so you are happy and fulfilled
  • learn how to utilize your talents for optimum success in running your new business
  • create your exit strategy

Together, we will look at all of your options and consider any challenges you may face so you are fully prepared to take your next step.  You will understand how this career change can work for you, your business and your family?  With the proper planning, you can make this dream a reality!

Raleigh Small Business Owners, join Gaye for Corporate to Full Time Entrepreneur Coaching Sessions September 23, 30 and October 7  from 6:30pm  to 7:30pm,
27 Hargett Street in the Professional Building, Green Shoot Suite 400, Raleigh 

$97 for all 3 sessions – To sign-up contact Gaye Esser at Redefine Balance

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