Evernote Workshop for Raleigh Small Business Women

Ever feel overwhelmed by everything there is to save, find and remember? School papers, business leads, warranty information, tax receipts, websites, appointments, emails and more! What if there was a tool that could help you organize your paperwork, your priorities, your leads and your life? There is! Evernote is an online tool and app that can help you be more effective and efficient! Maybe you’ve heard of Evernote or downloaded the app, but don’t understand how to use it or how it can benefit your business.
“It’s about organization, efficiency, follow-up and best business practices and how to use Evernote to help you improve in those areas.” Lydia Martin
Do More with Evernote Raleigh
Lydia Martin, business owner and trainer with Step Into Success, will be leading a hands-on Evernote workshop on November 17th from 10-12 at meeting space in Hope Community Church Morrisville, 1000 Perimeter Park Drive. In the first hour, Lydia will show you how to use Evernote for everything you want to save, share and find. Since the benefits of Evernote differ for everyone, she will help you discover your biggest needs so you know exactly where to start. Bring your laptop and your mobile devices, because in the second hour you will get to apply what you learned and ask questions as you create your own Evernote notebooks and notes! This class will benefit both new and seasoned Evernote users, space is limited to only 15 spots so register today!


*Event fees are nonrefundable. This is a Mompreneur event, please find childcare.
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