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Life Lessons I Learned From Buying A Business

Raleigh Small Business LessonsWere you every presented with an opportunity or an event that you couldn’t walk away from or say “no” to?  A moment in your life where you could quickly see your passions align with your business goals?  I experienced that this month when I had the most exciting & humbling experience….something I’d never thought I’d ever do…I bought a business! (Still gives me goose bumps saying it.)

Cary Heise, our amazing Vend Raleigh leader & fellow Mompreneur & someone who I admire greatly, presented the opportunity to purchase her first online business, Social Butterflies NC.  I was grateful, nervous & excited as the changing of the guard took place.  I have enjoyed my blogging journey over at All Inspired Mom (I’ll still be blogging there.) & have always been excited when I can share our local family adventures with my readers.  However, being able to do this on a larger platform & then to engage in what others are doing in the Raleigh area is the point where my joy & my goals meet.

Buying a business has caused me to adjust my mindset, tweak my schedule & re-examine my goals. On a broader scale it has and continues to teach me important life lessons.  Here is what I’m learning…

5 Personal Lessons Buying a Business Has Taught Me

Lesson #1:  Invest in Yourself

I don’t mean in your 401K…invest in your personal & professional development.  Take a class, go to a workshop, attend a Speed Networking group or anything that changes or enhances your everyday thinking.  As Moms we are constantly investing in our children’s academic & social development that we forget to invest in ourselves. My first true deposit into my future was when I attended Vend Raleigh’s “Social Media Moms” workshop.  My eyes opened up to all the resources and support that were in our area for bloggers and mom’s who run small businesses….so inspiring.  This self-investment began to broaden my view of what I really felt my purpose was a blogger and a small business owner.

Lesson #2:  Make & Build Connections

I have learned and am still learning how important it is to build genuine connections with others.  Our world moves so quickly that we forget that a gift we can give ourselves & others is the gift of “attentiveness”.  Making real connections & taking the time to listen to each other can enhance our personal & professional growth.

Lesson #3:  Dust Off Your Confidence

We all have some sort of level of confidence & sometimes we need to go in “dust it off” & put it to good use. Trying new things that align with what brings you joy is going to require a level of confidence that we don’t usually call upon….. a bit scary, right?

Be confident in the gifts you know you have & then learn to manage your self-talk.  Too many times we find ourselves being our biggest bully, “you aren’t good enough for that”, “you don’t deserve that”, “you aren’t ready for this”.  As we say in School Counseling, don’t be a bystander, stand up & say “no”.  Push aside your negative self-talk and believe that you do deserve opportunities that bring you joy.  I never would have thought a year ago I would have been prepared or competent enough to be a business owner.  A year ago my negative self-talk would have immediately squashed my opportunities.  However, being surrounded & immersed into a community of confident Mompreneurs you begin to realize that you can make strides.

Lesson #4 Accept & Fall into Your Season

As I get older I become more aware of the changes in my life & how important it is to move through our seasons.  My friends and I talk about this constantly and are learning that with each close of a season brings lessons in life. Moving through your season, like change, can be an empowering thing and it can be terribly uncomfortable.  Change is what molds & build us up.  With change comes fear…fear of lack of control, fear of uncertainty, etc. I remember a quote I once heard, “Fear is your body preparing yourself for greatness”.  Accept the change and all the discomfort it might bring and remember that it is temporary.  I have learned that it is okay to change and move into your next season or your next adventure.  The next move can be the one that brings you closer to your purpose.

 Lesson 5:  Know thy Self & Know thy Purpose

Like Lara Casey, author of Make It Happen, wrote, “The things that fire you up in life can be a mirror to the way God wired your heart” (178). (Can’t wait to hear Lara Casey speak at Illuminate this October!) I have always loved being a Mom along with the relationships I’m able to build with other mothers & families. My motherhood mantra has always been, “it takes a village to raise a child”.  Being a part of the Social Butterflies community gives me the opportunity to be a part of a village of families who are creating lasting memories with their children.

Through this big move in my life I am getting to better know myself & my purpose, but I have to put in the work. Sometimes work looks like journaling, finding the life lessons in my favorite book or scripture, talking with a friend, quiet time with myself,etc.  Whatever the work might be it aids in the road to self-exploration & to building my goals.

One more bit of advice…when you find your purpose…acknowledge it…write it down, say it out loud to a spouse, friend or a family member.  Let your mind, your mouth, your spirit, your body be engaged when you say those words…….”(Fill in Blank) is my purpose & this brings me joy”

Words can’t express how excited I am to begin connecting with families, celebrating our communities and taking on the role of being a small business owner.  I am learning lessons daily, reminding myself to be grateful & to find the joy in the journey.

I hope a few of these lessons I shared have resonated with you.

If you are thinking of or making that change of season in your blog, your business, your personal life, etc. know that you have the tools within yourself to move through that change, find your purpose along the way & grow.

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