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Vend Raleigh small business women working together to build strong online communities.

Leading Raleigh Business WomenWant to increase your reach on social media? Do you buy into the idea of creating community online to benefit all? For the first time Vend Raleigh is offering to organize Social Media Tribes to help you create social media buzz for your business by connecting you with other Mompreneurs. We’ll offer direction and coaching with the goal of building a supportive online network just for you.

Social Media Tribes or Digital Tribes are groups dedicated to being active on each others pages by commenting and liking posts consistently and contributing by coming to calls of action of specific posts. Want to get more views on your Facebook post? Ask your group to like it! Want a Tweet to get more visibility? Ask your group to retweet or respond. Our groups will ideally be made up of 6-8 Mompreneurs that are willing to commit to a 2 month period of social sharing and support. How much time a week does that mean for you? Just a couple minutes a day to check in with your group and browse through their posts to see how you can interact with them/for them. They’ll do the same for you.

Vend Raleigh Mompreneurs tend to share the same sales demographic. This makes it easy to share and interact online- responses will fit into your normal online conversations. And keep in mind, marketing isn’t all about selling. Online Marketing is social interaction by communicating with your clients and customers. This will make great practice for building connections online with other businesses. I’m sure you will learn a lot by following other Vend Raleigh business partners by seeing how they interact with their followers. Observe what works and what doesn’t on their pages.

Why the small fee to attend? We want Mompreneurs that are committed to this project. Often a small financial investment helps to determine the real buy in to be a part something. But more important than a few dollars is your willingness to check in with our group several times a week to see what you social media calls you can help with.

What’s the pay off for you? Jump start a new or stale social media account, try a fresh approach in your marketing with support, or learn to be more comfortable interacting online with the support of other business owners just like you.

As always, Vend Raleigh Directory members, you will receive an email with a discount code.

Please note there are two events listed, a morning and an evening event. You will only attend one.

Have any questions about how this will work? Email me!

Location: Hope Community Church Gathering Space, right inside the doors.
821 Buck Jones Road, Raleigh (Near Cary Crossroads and South Hills Mall)
During the day there is a coffee shop. There is wifi, if you have a laptop, please bring it.

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