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Video Marketing – It’s Fun and Easy! (Part 2)

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Last week, I explained that video marketing can be a fun, inexpensive and a super engaging way to market your business. I bet you from that article, you are thinking: This may all sound fine and dandy, but how do I get started?

When I first started making videos, I used my Nikon Coolpix and my cell phone. I did not edit anything. If I made a mistake, I would just start over until I got it in one take. This may not have been the most time efficient way to go about it, but I didn’t know how to use iMovie yet and I knew I just needed to start making videos. As I noticed cool add-ons with other people’s videos, I would Google the feature and learn how to add it on my video.

My list of video equipment I use daily:

For Google+ Hangouts on Air and recording from my desk: – Built in webcam on my iMac
For filming on the go – Samsung S4 Cell Phone
For editing –  iMovie for Mac
For lighting – 2 Torch lamps
For sound – Blue Snowball Microphone

My list of video equipment purchased, but rarely use or never use:

Nikon D5100 DLSR Camera
iPad to use as a teleprompter
Nikon CoolPix Camera
LED light for my DLSR

I could go on… the lesson learned here through trial and error is, you do not need a fancy video camera!



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  1. Thank you Nikol!

    I plan on using my iPhone 5a with our camera tripod and a McGyvered styrofoam cup iPhone mount. I did invest in a $22 lavalier (?) mic from amazon – the audio on my test videos with no mic was awful. I’m also using the free Microsoft movie software to edit. Editing seems to be more work than shooting the video!

    Is there a better platform than YouTube for sharing videos and embedding them in blog posts?

  2. I use my phone a lot and laptop a lot as well for video. Every time I use the “good” video camera I end up with issues.

    Although I’m a PC girl so I use Windows and I’ve tried countless video editing software and the BEST one I have found and it’s so easy to learn and has great features is AVS Video Editor. If any other pc users want to try it out here’s the link. it’s not free but it’s sooo worth the SMALL investment! It has saved me a ton of time since getting it.

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